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GO930 Support-traffic support failure

sbukosky 91 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
This is my horror story, so to speak with TomTom's technical support failing to help my problem with my GO930 and the Traffic subscription.

First let me say that the 930 has done a marvelous job of getting me to where I need to go for both business and pleasure. It has it's quirks but I'm putting them aside to concentrate on a serious problem at TomTom support.

I bought the 930 shortly after it came out for $475. I spent another $100 for the traffic receiver cable and the $80 for the first year subscription as well as the quarterly map updates. So over the years I have spent a good amount of money on this. A few weeks ago it began telling me that my yearly traffic subscription was about to expire so I got on TomTom home and renewed for the $59.95. I was emailed a receipt and another email came with directions to reactivate the traffic subscription. It didn't work.
I'll try to make a long story shorter. I made three calls to technical support. The first two times someone said that the problem was on their end and technicians were working on it. It should work the next day. It didn't. The third technician had me unload files and reload files. After around two hours on the phone and never getting it to work, he told me to the effect that they can't support it anymore. They gave up. Request for a refund have met with vague response more from a form letter than a person who understand the issue. I asked for consideration toward a new unit. Not a free one. It was met with no response. Needless to say I can't buy another TomTom and am looking at the new Garmins with free traffic and maps.


  • dhn 336 Points
    I'd call again and ask to deal with a supervisor.
  • mvl 191 Points
    The traffic antennas are discontinued for that model. Subscription renewal often doesn't work either.

    Try ebaying for the antenna with a round adapter, a couple years ago those were sold for around $20, and worked fine. Just make sure they are for USA, and do not contain an included cigarette lighter (the lighter antennas are incompatible).
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