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Changing the buttons on the right side of screen?

motonav94720 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
First of say, I thank all the talented people who have contributed to making my experience with TN765t such a wonderful one.

I saw Spyder63's screen shots of the main menu demonstrating the nice colors at another topic this link:

This is the image url:

I note that the right three buttons on the screen next to "Enter Destination", he has "Favorites" "Setting" "Main Menu".

This is a *much* better combination from the default "Calling" "VoiceSearch" "Main Menu".

I like his much better. Can any one please tell me how to customize that?

Thank you in advance.


  • Go to Settings > System > Main Menu

    Only the top and middle buttons can be customized on the screen depicted.

    When you get to the Main Menu settings screen, Tap, hold then drag the buttons around in the menu grid. Only button positions #1 and position #7 (counting left to right across each row) will show up in the screen depicted in your reference link.

    You can rearrange all the other buttons in the Main Menu as you would like to see/use them.
  • It worked - thank you!
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