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AVN2210 Rebooting. Eclipse wants $125 for new SD card?

tenderloin 0 Points
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About 18 months ago my AVN2210 started showing maps of Europe (I live in Southern California) Then started constantly rebooting. I sent in for repair . The repair company said the SD card was corrupt and a new one was $125. I thought (still do) it was a ridiculous price, so I did nothing. Now I have decided to try again. Is there is anyway around the $125 for a new SD card? Reformat the old one? Used? Etc? Thanks in advance.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    We've got a several hundred posts about the TomTom Eclipse / DUO AVN2210p Rebooting Issues, so while it will take some time, scan through the posts there which will reveal quite a bit.

    In short, they appear to be somewhat correct that it is a corrupt SD card. I believe the original SD card was a 1 GB card. Most people have reported better luck with a card which leaves a bit more free space, getting a 2 GB card.

    When mine went through the rebooting issues, I made a backup of the map (since that is licensed/locked to the device and can't be re-downloaded). Then I started with a new SD card, put the map on it, then let the old TomTom HOME application reinstall the application, voices, etc with fresh downloads. This solved the issue for me.
  • I read some of those. Over my head. I am a 65 year old non computer guy. I was hoping for something I could understand or pay for besides the $125 SD card. Well I tried. Thanks anyway....
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