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mahammel 41 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
i been thinkin' that i haven't seen nuttin happening 'round here.

Any good word? MOTO said anything about anything?

how's everyone been?

Has anyone bought a new/replacment GPS? and if so, what and are they happy.

inquiring minds are thinking about my ol' friends!!

hope everyone is doing well!


  • Hey Camel! Nope, not much going on of late. I'm out in Indiana for some car shows. (James Dean Run) Ran the Moto on the way out today and it performed A-OK. Even my paired phone worked well for some calls. Still startles me when the gps answers!

    Sitting here watching a documentary on JD's life on TCM.

    Not a peep out of Motorola. We are definitely dead as far as they are concerned, but we're not out by any means.
  • hey, that's great arac. have a wonderful time. when i get enough $'s, i'll send you out to find a classic for me.

    i've been using it 2x/week driving cars for Enterprise and it's phenomomomominal. everyone asks about it and i hate to tell them that its an edsel.

    oh well.

    did you say you do HF??

    My (WB9GMO/4) Camel
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