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any info on the mio c230? [Mio]

limoguy1 0 Points
anybody know if this is a good unit. If you own this device, please put comments here, thanks


  • This morning I went out to Circuit City and picked up 2 Mio C230 units. This is my first vehicular GPS unit. I have used marine ones many times, but this is the first one I've ever had that has mapping, etc. So I am sort of a newb.

    I really like this device a lot. I did a lot of research trying to figure out which one to purchase. I know I am and that I was going to buy 2 units. One for myself and one for my GF for the holidays. I was torn between the Tom Tom One LE and the C230. Both are available for $149. For me text to speech was the deal breaker. The Tom Tom doesn't do Text To Speech unless you do some mods to it with a 2 gig memory card.

    The Points of Interest were a concern of mine. The Tom Tom has almost 5 million and this unit has around 1 million (give or take). After playing around with the Mio in Circuit City today I came to the conclusion that the POI was enough for us. There was nothing I could think of that I couldn't find in the unit. I also always keep my windows mobile phone with Google Maps handy if there is ever an issue.

    The Mio C230 works very well. I powered it up in the Circuit City parking lot and it lead me home fine and dandy. The mounting situation is easy. It has the traditional suction cup option, as well as a large disc with an adhesive that you can stick to any can then stick the suction cup onto it.

    The Text to Speech worked beautifully. There are 2 english options...a man and a woman. I think the man's voice sounds a little better pronounced but they're both just dandy.

    Signal Strength is amazing. I'm sitting in my house right now away from all windows and I have a full signal strength. Its great!

    I haven't had time to give it any battery tests or anything to see how long it lasts. I will let you know though.

    The big question not-so-technical girlfriend will do with the unit. It seems really easy and I think she'll be just fine with it. I will find out today when she rips it open. Wish me luck :-)

    Feel free to ask any questions, as I have recently become regularly looking around this site. Happy Holidays!


    p.s. I've also done a lot of reading that this unit is very hackable, if you're into that sort of thing. You can customize just about everything. I haven't tried any of this yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to or not. I'm not crazy about voiding warranties.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Hack away! As long as you do a complete backup of everything on the 230 TODAY. You can always restore it and nobody will be the wiser if you have any warranty claims. Back it up while it is still in pretty much the factory state/virgin just in case anyway. If you haven't visited the Mio forum over at GPSPassion you really should.

    What version of MioMap is it running? If it is v3.2 there are lots of new skins you can get to change the look and most have added functions as well.

    If your GF is hesitant or can't figure it out tell her that you bought her a PhD GPS ------ when she asks, explain it this way, Push here Dummie. :lol:

  • I bought the C230 and i like it alot. good bang for the buck. loaded with features at $150
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