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BT-Version 2 skin for 765t

blueTOOTH 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Made a couple of changes to my origional skin.
Install instructions are inside package

In an attempt to get rid of the error of showing all zip contents from google, I've encrypted the file. You can extract with 7zip or winzip. Password is bluetooth


  • I have installed the skin and I see the new boot screen, however I just get stuck in a continuous loop of loading and then the blue moto screen gets a popup that says it failed to start. Any ideas?
  • One thing that will cause the problem you`re describing, is the firmware version. You must have the version, and the O/S V5.11.00 already installed on your unit before adding the skin. If you have the 8.5.5.ect.ect."50" version, that is most likely your problem......
  • Sorry to ask such a basic question, but how do I upgrade the OS?
  • No problem at all`ll first have to remove the new folder you had just added, also remove the "save" folder also, then after you reboot your unit, and get it back to normal, go to "Main Menu">"Settings">"System">scroll down to "about", press that bar, and then right below the Motorola insignia, you`ll see "Version....ect.ect.ect. it should be showing the last two digits, as "60", if it`s "50", then you`ll have to connect to the toolbox, and install the two updates that should appear there.
    Also, right below the "Version...ect.ect. ect." you see O/S Vx.xx.xx" it should be showing you......O/S V5.11.00
    Check there, to make sure you have the lastest updates installed. Ok?
  • Worked like a charm! I appreciate it.
  • That`s great! Now, in case you haven`t done so as of yet, when you connect to the toolbox, it`ll ask you to do a backup, of your sytem. I highly advise you to do that.....but be sure you`re battery on your unit is charged fully, as it may take a little wihile to do the backup, depending on the type of pc you`re using. Good luck on your endeavors......
  • Is it possible to get the or the newer version? and the & files for download? it seems that all the links to these are dead?
    I would just like to give this GPS a new sky since it seems it will never see any new maps..? anyone found a way to update the maps?
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