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Traffic on XXL

toberead 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I purchased a TomTom XXL about two years ago with lifetime traffic updates. I'm not seeing traffic updates any more. Is the traffic delivered through the cord? I had to replace my cord because the original cord split at the connector. I bought a TomTom branded cord to replace it but it was just a regular cord, not a "traffic" cord. Is that the issue?

Am I out of luck as far as my "lifetime" traffic updates? I see on the TomTom web sites that a traffic receiver runs about $70 which is more than I would pay for it (most of the roads where I drive aren't covered - I used traffic occasionally but not on a regular basis).



  • Yes the lifetime traffic updates are received thru the power cord. You will need to replace the original cord with the same one to receive traffic updates again.
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