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Cannot Calculate the Route - Nuvi 3490LMT

Hey there.

Looks like it's my turn to ask for help. I just installed CNNA 2012.30 on my Nuvi 3490LMT. Some parts work well, however...

When I try to simulate routes to a certain portion of the country (namely, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri, so far), the Nuvi tells me that it cannot calculate the route. I tried reinstalling the maps (I'm already running out of space - weird...) and numerous hard resets, to no avail.

I ask you if there's any other solution you may have. I appreciate any feedback that you give me. Have a good day.


  • Hello,

    Have you tried to remove all the ticks from Avoidances?

  • sussamb 814 Points
    Maybe route is too long? Sometimes you need to break a long route into smaller sections.

    I assume you have maps covering those areas? I know you should do, but if you don't that would be another reason?
  • Well, after talking to Garmin support, I was able to reinstall 2012.30 using option 2, with plenty of space intact.

    However, the problem still persists. For some reason, a small portion of the lower 48 cannot be calculated, but the rest work like a charm.

    Could it be corrupted software, or does it mean I have to grab a replacement? Or, do I back up and start from scratch?

    It's not a major issue, since my area is unaffected, but I like to see what the deal is.
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