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Hands on with a Garmin 40

Just received a Garmin 40, giving this as a Christmas gift,

Updated the maps and printed off a manual.

First observations of this value model.
1. Its a more plastic model case, surrounding, unlike other model that have a rubber type coating,
1a. This 40 kit does not come with the lifetime maps, there are those that do for about $30 more.

There is NO data cord included.

NON powered mount, click to attach type mount, unlike a powered mount with spring release.

very good speaker.....BUT VERY few voices included. only 9 vehicle in the memory, Granted you can add more.
2. Screen quality is equal to my 765/760 series
3. Extra data layout option on the screen is a nice touch, (like 2460)4. Favorites can be added, and icons can be changed BUT THE ICONS ARE NOT SHOWING UP ON THE MAP, ONLY THE STANDARD BLACK SQUARE NOT THE USER SELECTED SYMBOL.

4. No routing capability but you can do 1 via point on any destination route.
It does support gpx waypoint files from MapSource and GPI custom POI giles from Garmin POI Loader
A MICRO SD card and Micro SDHC can be used

Settings and menu layout are very similar to most all garmin models,

Deleting favorites can be a bit tricky at first, Where to: favorites: select, map screen comes up with square description comes up with GO square in the lower left, you have to press the icon description to access more information., Thats where Editing can be done, as far as catagory, or icon. Which at this time I can change the icons but the selected icon won't display on the map only the black square.

Navigation seems to be on par with other units NO NU Trend.

Kind of a quick observation, Richs review on GPS Tracklog does a good job, but if anyone has a few questions I'll have this unit for a while to answer


  • g04 0 Points
    I am considering the Garmin 50LM , finally ready to update from my old 365.

    Re the data display: I recently borrowed a 2450 and really like the full data display: distance to arrival, time to arrival, elevation, speed and speed limit (and maybe more).

    Anyway i really like the distance and time of arrival, plus the elevation.

    Is the 40 (and thus hopefully the 50) able to show all of these at once?

    I was also thinking of adding some custom POI files. You indicated the base unit did not support that, but did you mean to suggest that I could add POI's with an sd card?

  • I findeach GPS varies, the 1450LMTvw ill tell you in favorites, the distance of your saved sites. and then correctly tell you its a whole lot further. not good. but hey its a quick refrence. I guess . does the 40/50 still ahve milage placed next to fav's?

    how is that c am alert stuff does it actually work can you add in or edit

    TT can but who knows today
  • t923347 431 Points
    All Nuvi's, and probably most, if not all, automotive GPS units, will show the mileage to a favorite as a Straight Line/As the Crow Flies distance when you look it up in the listing.

    Once you pick one of the favorites to route to the GPS will calculate the route from your present location to the favorite and display an EXACT distance to that destination.

    That's why you get 2 different distances displayed!

    If the GPS was to display the exact distance to each of your Favorites every time you pressed the Favorites icon it could take many minutes, and perhaps hours, to display the listing as the device would need to calculate the specific route for each of, possibly, hundreds of Favorite locations.

    It makes much more sense to only calculate the exact distance for the ONE favorite that your actually going to use.
  • Yes makes sense wished it did to one but seems only the one you go to after chosen.

    maybe one day in the future we'll get that
  • Jeeps 81 Points
    Yes the 40 and I'm sure the 50 have the option of adding the data field screen by going throguh the seetings and selecting additonal map data layout.

    Tools:Map:Scroll down one touch:Map Data layout :Hold the return button.

    To be honest I have never added POI through another program on any of my other GPS units, other than what was loaded onto the unit (6 million plus) or scrolling the map and placing one of my own.. Then information I posted came directly from the Garmin 40 instructions

    Map screen also shows city icons (large green dot) at 1.2 mile zoom in NORTH UP setting. As well as navigating in the 3D setting, just remember your actuall distance to your next turn will need to be a great enough distance away for the map to pull back in order for you to see neighboring citys while driving. Most likely one would see these in NORTH UP and long distance trips. I'll try and upload some screen shots


  • wordzenpix 0 Points
    Anybody know why my last trip data would show 18,910 miles, top speed 84, moving avg 302, overall avg 141 and drive time 134 hours? This is my second Nuvi 40, and it's getting weird like the first one. Help, please.
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