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How to use a newly purchased SDHC card?

jaknb 81 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I have a TT 720 with application version 8.351 installed. I am using TT Home version New Card purchased was a Scan Disk SDHC 4GB card.

First I installed the card in the slot on the bottom of the TT. Card was not formated before or after installation. TT was turned on, placed in cradle and connected to computer. A screen opened asking to "Select your navigation device". This same screen indicated that this location would be used for installation of new items. Since I was about to download the new North America map I selected the memory card. It showed 3773.5 mb of available space. I then went to TT Home, used Update My Go and selected the North America Map. The Download happened and after checking the current version of the North America map installed it shows map 880.3810 which is the latest. My problem is that it did not install on the new card but rather onto the internal memory.
First, how do I start using the new card. Second, I would also like to put mp3 music on my TT. What would be the best way to do this? Music on the card or internal?



  • dhn 336 Points
    This is an irritating bug with Home in that it often ignores the user selection for where to download maps, etc. You can simply use Explorer to copy the NA map folder from internal to the sdhc card and, once sure it is there, delete the folder from internal. (I have my 8.80 NA map on the sd card in my 720).

    Your mp3s can be in either internal or sdhc card or both (!). Just remember that the mp3 files must be in a folder called mp3 (all lower case) in internal or the sdhc card. If you have such folders in both locations, the app will effectively merge the two folder locations to utilize the mp3s.
  • jaknb 81 Points
    First thanks for you precise advice.
    I viewed my internal memory and found the maps folder. I am confused because when clicking on the maps folder it contains only one file called
    North_America_2GB.tlv and it has a listed size of 7kb. I was expecting a much larger file to transfer?

    Thanks for your continued help.

  • dhn 336 Points
    Sorry, I meant the North_America_2GB folder that should be moved to the sdhc card.
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