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lost streets when updated 130s

treen 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I updated my GPS, the 130s, and the streets are no longer spoken. (I have not purchased new maps since I bought the unit)
Any idea how I get this capability back?


  • dhn 336 Points
    Do you have a computer voice selected?
  • treen 0 Points
    Actually, I don't specifically know if I have 'human' or 'computer' voices installed. I do know if they sound computerized, I don't listen to them. However, I did update my voices to some with accents. Wondering if I lost the streets-spoken feature due to this, I updated 2 voices (US-English). However when in the voices file where I select text to speech options (if this is correct lingo), I do not have any "turn street names into speech" options shown. They aren't even options which are greyed-out.
    If my voice selections caused me to lose capabilities for street names, I'd lose my current voice choices and update new ones....I just don't know which ones to update. (If I knew what was originally installed, that would be helpful -I did use one of the male voices regularly) Thanks
  • dhn 336 Points
    Under voice selections, there should be a listing of voices, at least one saying 'computer' or 'text to speech'. If you select that, by default announcing street names is enabled.

    If your model also has voice preferences-->Announce street names, select that as well.
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