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Map Version 880 vs 865

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edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I just purchased a new VIA 1530TM that came with map version 865. Was wondering if I would gain much by going to the latest version 880. The thing works so great that I hate to mess with it if the change from 865 to 880 is not significant.



  • dhn 336 Points
    Hard to tell for any specific area.

    You are entitled to the LMG if the unit was bought within 30 days (or is it 90 for Nav 10.X units).

    Anyway, I suspect the 880 map will not be worse than the 865.
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    I am supposed to get "Lifetimes Maps" with this unit. Why is the update only good for 30 days?

  • dhn 336 Points
    You have to register your lifetime map activation code online when you register the unit. You need MyTomTom which you get at

    Once installed and you connect your unit to the computer, the website that opens will have a 'MyTomTom' green button on the right side. One menu option is the activation code which was in the package of materials with your unit. That's where it is entered.

    Everybody, lifetime subscription or not, gets one kick-at-the can for receiving the current map using the Latest Map Guarantee.

    But those with lifetime suscriptions should be able to download updated maps when available (880 came out Nov 19th, 885 is due sometime if February 2012)
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    OK...............I believe that I have everything activated. You certainly are limited as to what you can see and do online as compaired to my GO 720. I see no way to view and back up the VIA files etc. Other than that, I am very happy as to what the Via 1530TM does as compaired to my GO 720.

    Thanks dhn for your help.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Lots of limitations with the new models.

    When you connect the unit to the computer, your desktop MyTT icon adds a new menu item 'Add community content'. You can back up your favourites to the computer there.
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