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Importing a KML file to navigon (ipad/iphone)

tomyt 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Hi, I have a map that I created in google maps and exported the KML file. It has location data only. I was wondering how I could import that file into my navigon software running in my ipad.

I was looking at and I'm not sure which mobile version I should choose to convert into. I have 1.8.2 running in my ipad.

After conversion, I'm not sure how to load the file. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Tim 1500 Points
    Navigon doesn't offer that feature in their app.
  • tomyt 0 Points
    I was afraid that was going to be the answer :( thanks for the quick response!
  • After spending many hours to get an imported route on Navigon South Africa, at last I got a solution. I give it to you, maybe it could help other people, for your solution didnt' work.
    Follolw these steps :

    1.Create a route on google maps, with 2, or more waypoints (use the + option for more than 2)
    then copy the url the website GPSvisualizer (choose "convert a file"), copy the url and create a .kml or .gpx file, save it. Kml or gpx files can also be created in other softwares. the website, and open the .kml or .gpx file you created
    4.check if ok, and then save/export as Navigon URL, it will provide a .txt file. All other Navigon options don't work
    5. .target file is an extension that would open Navigon when proposing the file on the iPhone. But if you rename your file "example.txt" into "", Navigon will recognise it, but always tell you it is out of your map, which is not true. It is just to kill your patience., open the text file made by RouteConverter, and copy/paste the url text in an e-mail you send to yourself that e-mail on your iPhone, and tap on the hypertext of your e-mail, and, AT LAST, Navigon will now open the route. Then you can save it. Yeah!
    Navigon could propose to open .kml or .gpx files, but that seems to be too easy.

    this is working if you have only one Navigon in your iPhone. If, like me, you got 2 of them, like NavigonEUROPE and NavigonSOUTH AFRICA, it is always the wrong Navigon which will open, and tells you it is out of your maps. You have to delete the Navigon app which is not concerned, in order the other one to work.
    once finished, then you can re-install the app you deleted, it won't cost you anything, except some of your time.
    check each route on Navigon, sometimes it is not quiet the same you decided on google maps. Maybe you have to add a waypoint on the map to correct the route.

    And the you're done. And happy.

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