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Missing files to update Webupdater

Tried updating to Webupdater 2.54 and the installation can't find 2 files - USB_62.msi and WUMAIN.msi. Did a search on the computer and didn't see these files anywhere. Didn't see them on the Garmin website site. Any ideas where or how I can get copies of these?


  • alanb 427 Points
    Are you trying to update from the automatic update check that runs when you start WebUpdater? I had a similar problem a while back. I was able to resolve it by going to Garmin's site and downloading and using the full installer rather than the automatic update. You will find it here:
  • Ranman 81 Points
    Good news is that link led me to the Webupdate 2.40 files and it's up and running, but still get the messages that I'm miss USB_64 and WUMAIN.msi when I try to install the new version. Might have to call Garmin on this one.
  • Ranman 81 Points
    So now, several months later, I try to update my maps through the MyGarmin website. Going through the steps the process wants to install the Garmin Communicator plugin, but becuase I'm still missing the USB_64.msi file the process aborts. Does anyone know where this file is stored? A search on the C:\ drive comes up empty. Also can't find in on the Garmin website. Do I have to break down and call Garmin? Thanks.
  • Google "usb_64.msi".

    There are numerous references there. You will have to peruse through them to find what applies to your situation.
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Garmin has a forum for Communicator support here:

    This thread has some suggestions that might help:
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