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General information and troubleshooting

FAQ's and helpful threads - part 4 of 4

General information about the Nuvi series

Clear Channel vs Navteq traffic subscriptions
How to clear cached ads when not using the traffic receiver
How many map segments can a Nuvi access?
Why does the Nuvi keep taking me on back roads?
Working with favorites on your Nuvi and computer
Customize your Nuvi's voice
How to display the name of the current street
Customize the dashboard on your 2013 Nuvi
Making custom dashboards for the 2012 Nuvi
How many via points are allowed in a route?
Large junction view file available as separate download
My nuvi is stuck in a loop and continuously re-booting
Nuvi 3xx0 is stuck trying to load maps
Garmin WebUpdater/MapUpdater "bricked" my nuvi!
My nuvi is stuck in simulator mode
Discuss the ecoRoute HD module
Nuvi 3590 (also other 2012 models) not recognized by "my Dashboard"
My brand new Nuvi 3490 will not turn on
Why does my Nuvi screen go black when it is plugged in?
Which Nuvi's are configured for MTP mode (instead of mass storage mode)?
Is a nuvi purchased on eBay covered by Garmin's warranty?
How to register a nuvi purchased at a pawn shop
Why won't my computer recognize my device?
GPS Street Address Accuracy
Accuracy of GPS speed reading
How accurate are GPS elevation readings?
What kind of SD card should I use?
My SD card is stuck/broken off!
SD card is not being recognized
Do you leave your GPS in the car when it's hot?
How to make suction cup mounts stick
Make your own USB charging cable (to prevent Nuvi from going into disk mode)
Using a Nuvi with an external battery
Nuvi battery care and charging
Replacement batteries for the Nuvi 7x0 and 7x5 series
Nuvi brightness issue with USB power supply
Errors when sending locations from Google Maps
Basecamp vs Mapsource
What is the difference between "routes" and "trips"?
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