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Update Unit or Maps

mbredehoft 0 Points
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I use my old TT130 for vacation travel only. I have a GPS in my Acura TL for local travel. I am going to Italy for 3 weeks and am wondering if I should buy a Europe or Italy map for my old TT130, that works fine for what I use it for, or should I upgrade to a new model that has US/Canada/MEX and Europe maps and lifetime upgrades. My research has made me aware that the lifetime map only applies to US/Canada.

Which model would you recommend. I do not want to spend a lot because I use my auto GPS most of the time and the TT only minimally.


  • dhn 337 Points
    Welcome to the forums.

    Your choices seem to be as follows:
    1. Buy the Italy map for your 130. The cost is redeuced now due to a sale: 125 / 130&mapSelected=Italy

    You will probably have to move your current map to the computer to make space for the Italy map and then do the switch again when back from Italy. You would use Explorer to copy the existing map folder AND a folder called maps and then delete the specific map folder from the unit.

    2. Buy a model with both NA and European maps. You are correct that 'lifetime' only includes NA maps. For older models, I strongly suggest the 540 WTE and I understand you can get good deals on it now at Amazon. I took my 540 to Italy 2 summers ago and, along with the combo rds-tmc antenna/car charger, it worked well while I was there.

    3. The newer model with both maps is the 2535 WTE. It is quite different from previous models in that the user has no access to the file system on the unit plus you need the web based MyTomTom app to work with it. Home 2 will not.

    but that's a lot if you already have a built in unit in your car now.

    Anyway, choices..............
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