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Garmin Lifetime Updater

I started this application and i'm in the 'screen' to 'add device'

It says the 2595 is connected.

It says it's adding device and a white bar with a moving green indicator shows it seems to be doing something.

Question is What is it doing and how long does this process take?

It's been running for about 15 minutes so far.


  • t923347 413 Points
    If you can, cancel the application by clicking the cancel button on the screen your looking at. You can also cancel it by pressing ALT-CTRL-DEL and going to the Task Manager.

    Once the program is closed, I'd uninstall it and then install it again. A reboot of your PC between the uninstall and the reinstall would be a good idea.

    Hopefully this will clear whatever issue the PC was having with the initial setup of your 2595.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I just got an automatic Garmin notice that there was a Lifetime Updater update available. Pretty sure I was up to date, but I now have v 2.1.6.

    I have also found that when the updater cannot establish commo with the gps that removing it from the list and then re-adding the device seems to fix the problem. This may not be the OPs problem so I am just throwing it out there for future reference.
  • because of the two last map updates I gave up on the Updater and went back to the old system.
    I cannot afford to download gigas of data for nothing.
    It failed me twice I will not give it a third chance.
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