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Need Advice Deciding Between 1535 and 2535

pappasbike 91 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I've read through a few threads here and looked at TomTom's website. I am unclear as to the differences between these two. My primary interests are in the HD traffic and if lifetime map updates are available that's great also.

On their web site I see one screen referred to as resistance and one as capacitance, don't know the difference or which is better. I also see the dimensions are slightly different even though both are shown as 5" displays. In their maps descriptions the 1535 is shown with lifetime map updates the 2535 is not. Also there are a lot of languages shown for the 2535 which would not be of any interest to me that I know of.

I've read a few complaints here about the reflectivity of the screens making the display hard to read. I currently have a 930 and have had a couple of others as well and have always found this to be the case with TomToms especially compared to Garmins. Is there a difference in screen readability between the 1535 and 2535? Also has the web interface software improved any? I have read several complaints about this.

Bottom line which would be recommended?
Thanks for any help,


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