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Geotagging inaccuracies - Google Maps vs Navteq

51m0n 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
I am new to the world of geotagging photos and have been experimenting.

One thing I've found is that photos geotagged using a Google Maps based system show up in a slightly different place when viewed in a Navteq based system.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? If it's normal is there any way of correcting for this?



  • Tim 1479 Points
    I think you will need to give us a more specific example and data. Perhaps the marker icon just "centers" differently in each system. Perhaps you are using a different datum. Could be lots of things so you will probably need to describe to us what you're doing and how you are doing it.
  • 51m0n 0 Points
    Thanks for a quick response.

    Here's an example of what I mean.

    Here's a photo geotagged in Flickr (Navteq):

    Here is the same photo as part of a set plotted by imapflickr (Google Maps)

    The photo is the one to the west, on the river. As you can see, it's about 500m east of the road crossing.

  • babj615 41 Points
    Based on the image, appears to me the google maps are just that far off.
  • 51m0n 0 Points
    I've been thinking a bit more about this. . .

    Could it be that the Navteq maps used by Flickr are not available at high resolution for the area where the photo was taken and so I'm placing it on a Navteq map of low resolution and although it looks like it's in the right place, it isn't placed as accurately placed as I think?

  • babj615 41 Points
    Can you buy or download a REAL paper map for that area?

    If so, check the coordinates on the real map, and see where they land?
  • 51m0n 0 Points
    I can't get a 'real' map of the area so I can't check it this way.

    Just to conclude. I understand that all maps have inaccuracies but, generally speaking, do Navteq and Google Maps map onto each other very accurately?

    Thanks again

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