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GPS co-ordinate manipulation.

Andythedrum 0 Points
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Hi all,

I hope someone can help me! Basically I'm looking for some sort of device if it exists to change my GPS co-ordinates/location before it goes into a GPS enabled unit.

I'm using a Trimble antenna which goes straight into the existing device. I need a way to 'get in between it', be able to put 'alternative' co-ordinates into it (basically fool the master unit into thinking I'm somewhere else).

I'm imagining I need something that I can plug the Trimble antenna into (input) , have an output with the same connections so this would go into the existing device as normal but also have some sort of output to go to a laptop. Some sort of SCSI or preferably USB.

Then I need some sort of software to be able to change what the antenna is picking up co-ordinate-wise and manually enter the location of my choice.

Make sense? Hope so!

If anyone can help with any suggestions I'd be so grateful. Thank you.


  • alanb 536 Points
    Probably not what you are looking for, but Garmin nuvi's have a "simulation mode". It basically turns off the antenna. You can then browse the map, search for addresses, POI's, etc. When you find a location you want and display the map, there is a "set location" button. This will set the marked spot as your simulated "current" location. Then all searches, routes, etc. will be referenced from that point.
  • Hmm. Interesting. Does this device have any inputs/outputs?

  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Make sense? Hope so!
    Actually... no. :D Maybe you can explain why you're doing this (what the end result is) and we can come up with some ideas.

    When you say "antenna", that would just be a device to receive the signal, not something that would be able to determine your position. Is that what you really mean, or does the device actually contain a GPS receiver and send position data?
  • Hi Boyd,

    This is a bit long winded so please bear with me whilst I try to explain.

    Basically, I work for a Taxi company and work is sent to the car and received by a 'datahead' (type in 'sigma taxi system' into google images and it's the fourth image along).

    The antenna is just a device to receive the signal and this is plugged into the back of the 'datahead'. This 'datahead' contains the GPS receiver and and it sends and receives position data back to the taxi company base.

    Now, what I'm trying to do is NOT illegal, I'm just trying to 'get around' the system so I can get more work.

    When the datahead is switched on and I log in, the unit determines my position and send that info to base. So lets just say I'm in 'Position A' in the city. If a person calls and I'm first in that position - I get the job. Now lets say someone calls the office for a taxi but the pick up point is in 'Position C'. If I'm still in Position A the computer back at base won't let me have the job - It'll go to the nearest available taxi to position C.

    All I want to do is somehow 'get in-between' the antenna and the datahead, send the datahead new co-ordinates to it 'thinks' i"m somewhere else so I can get more work.

    Does this make sense?

    If you can imagine this - all I want to do is plug the existing antenna into some sort of unit that has a connection to a laptop, I then type in the new co-ordinates into whatever software it may use and this is sent to the datahead. This information is in turn sent to the base computer, it then puts me in 'Position whatever I say I'm in' and hey presto, I get more work, albeit I have to cover a few extra miles in between to get to the jobs.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Well it may not be illegal, but I don't think your employer would approve.
  • How would they know? They don't really care which driver covers which job. As long as it gets covered. They're happy.
  • gatorguy 325 Points
    It is being dishonest tho, and not something I would want to assist you in doing.

    Locking this particular discussion.
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