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gps data loggers for birds research

inbalar 0 Points
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hi all.
we are interested in a gps data logger for a bird research.
the birds weight is around 300g and the gps logger can weight up to 5% of the bird's body mass (so any one that's around 10g will do, because of the additional harness and ring weight).

There is no problem in recatching the birds for a download of the gps data.
But we prefer a battery that can work for as many days as possible because we want to recatch the bird as few times as possible.

the GPS loggers made especially for birds are very expensive (around 1500 USD). this is very far away from our price range. we can consider GPS loggers made for pets (at around 50 USD) but the problem is the weight and battery life.

does anybody know of a GPS logger that can work for us?

Thank you very much for your help.


  • TT 0 Points
    Hi inbalar

    I have a solution for you at 10 grams. at around $250
    please contact me at

    in your email, please provide me with GPS schedule required (i,e every 10 minutes, every one hour etc) and total expected life)

    For example, a gps at 10 grams

    1s -> about 5 hours
    1 min -> about 24 hours
    3 minute -> upto 40 hours
    every 60 minutes -> aprox 4-7 days

    I know of no solution that is less than $50 and still less than 10 grams.

    the technology required to reduce the weight down to such weights is very expensive
  • Hi,

    I'm looking for almost the exact same thing as inbalar. I need to save a GPX file or something that can be converted to GPX. Mine can be slightly heavier is it will be going onto birds that weigh 1500g. I'm looking for something that logs data every 1s but as it will be going into trained birds, the battery life does not need to be as long as the birds can be recalled at any time.

    I tried to find "trackingtoolz" on Google but couldn't find you so if you have a solution that fits my needs i'd like to hear from you.


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