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NUVI doesn't recognise SD card

I purchased an SD card for my 205W because the onboard memory wasn't enough. The Nuvi doesn"t recognise the SD card. Nothing in my onboard tool box addresses this issue. Once I solve that problem, then perhaps I'll be able to load a map.


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Check it's formatted as Fat32, otherwise it won't be recognised :wink:

    Also, what size is the card?
  • t923347 413 Points
    Not sure what you mean by the Nuvi not recognizing the card, does Windows see the card when it's placed in the Nuvi and the Nuvi is attached to the PC via the USB cable?

    Do you have anything on the card for the Nuvi to recognize - maps in the proper folder, POI's in the proper folder, MP3 files (if your Nuvi supports them) in the proper folder, etc.

    Is the SD card formatted Fat or Fat32? Is it formatted at all?
  • Thanks for the quick response. The computer recognises the NUVI and the SD card (4ghz). In my case Drives G and H. Therefore, I thought the SD must be formatted. I've copied the new maps into the SD card and opened and looked at it. The dates were right and the folders appeared to be right. Still no recognition. The NUVI doesn't appear to see the SD drive as an internal drive. Would the SD drive accept the files if it wasn't formatted? Wouldn't windows let me know if the disc needs formatting? Just a novice here.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Check to see if it's formatted as FAT32, if it's not the PC will recognise it but your nuvi won't :wink:
  • The SD card must be formatted first to FAT 32. For supplemental maps, you need to create a folder on the formatted SD card and name it Garmin. Then, place one supplemental map in the Garmin folder. The map must be named gmapsupp.img That is the only file you need inside the Garmin folder for the unit to read it. Also, you can only put one supplemental map on any one SD card.
    Of course, all of this is assuming you have the correct firmware files on the unit's internal memory, including the primary gmapprom.img file/map on the internal memory. I have an old c550 Street Pilot that has 2 GIGs of internal memory. I have the North American and South American maps on the internal memory. The North American map set in the internal memory is the gmapprom.img file. The South America map set on the internal memory is named gmapsupp.img. Then, on a 2 GIG SD card I have Western Europe. It also is named gmapsupp.img. However, as it is on the SD card, the GPS is able to read all 3 maps.
  • I have the following in my Garmin Folder:
    I have the following subfolders in the garmin folder:

    I've made the suggested changes with no luck. Am I missing a .exe file?
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Please don't start two threads on the same topic, it just confuses everyone. Since the same questions are being asked and answered here, please post any further responses to this thread. Thanks.
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