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2595 question

I have a Nuvi 750 and thinking about adding a 2595. As much as I've read it looks as thought the 2595 uses basecamp. When I install the software on my computer will I still have both Mapsource and Basecamp available? And #2, if iIread the post correctly, 2595 doesn't support custom routes made in Basecamp or Mapsource, correct?


  • t923347 413 Points
    Garmin has stopped development of the Mapsource product and advises all users to switch to Basecamp. It really doesn't matter what Garmin GPS you are using, you can use either product. One major difference between the products is that Basecamp will allow you to use the maps on your Nuvi while Mapsource requires the maps to be installed on your computer.

    Not sure about the 2595 specifically but newer Nuvi's use a facility called Trip Planner which has replaced the Routes function found on some older Nuvi models. Most newer Nuvi's will allow you to create a route in Mapsource or Basecamp and send it to the Nuvi where it gets installed as a TRIP in Trip Planner. There are some pretty big differences between how Trip Planner works and how the Routes facility operated.
  • Thanks for the information. I'm really more concerned about the Basecamp program overwriting Mapsource on my computer, is that going to be an issue. I use Mapsource for my handhelds with Topo 2008.
  • t923347 413 Points
    No chance of that happening. Two different programs with 2 different folder structures on your computer. I have both on my machines and they act like one doesn't even know the the other exists.

    As a bonus, you may find that Basecamp provides features that you can use with your handhelds, that aren't available in Mapsource.
  • Great, thank you.
  • You also might want to try BaseCamp Beta. It has some improvements over Basecamp. It can also be installed on your computer along with mapsource and Basecamp
  • UVAfan 0 Points
    FWIW, I am a long time Mapsource user who just downloaded Basecamp yesterday to create some routes for my new 2595. While I do not like the routes preselected by the software, (personal preferences not a software issue) I found editing the routes easy. Once the routes were created they transferred with no issues. So far, I think I actually like Basecamp better.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    I assume you chose the appropriate activity profile in Basecamp before creating your routes? The new beta release of Basecamp adds a lot of new features and is worth a look, but it has its share of bugs too.

    BTW, I'm a UVA alumnus, class of 1971. :D
  • UVAfan 0 Points
    Yes, I set it up for a car and tweaked the settings to my preferences.
    Just got back from the trip and the routing worked well.
    The only problems I ran into were from my choice of waypoints when editing the units chosen track to my choice.
    Several times I picked points that were actually off road causing the directions to be a bit off. This was due to not zooming in close enough to see where I was actually selecting.
    Fortunately I just use the GPS for assistance and was kept on track by following the road signs.
    All in all, I was very pleased with both Basecamp and the GPS unit.
    Voice commands worked like a charm and it was grab not having to take my eyes off the road.

    While I spent many weekends on grounds during the 70's, I never attended UVA. I started working here 15 years ago after retiring from the Navy.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    As much as I've read it looks as thought the 2595 uses basecamp.
    Getting back to the original question, I think you can still use Mapsource if you prefer it. It is not completely compatible with Garmin's new outdoor/handheld devices but I don't think there's an issue with the Nuvi's.

    The problem is that the 2012 nuvi's don't appear as USB disks on your computer, and Mapsource may not be able to write its data to them. To change this behavior this, see our FAQ on How to backup your Nuvi

    You will want to do this anyway, so that you can backup your new 2595. I think you will find that Mapsource will work after you change the MTP settings to mass storage.
    I just received my received my 2595 today and did the backup of the NUVI when I received it. Here is the procedure I used.

    Make NUVI DIR & Files visible for Backup
    1. To make all of Nuvi files visible you must unhide protected files via Win7 like any other HD.
    2. Start NUVI by itself and go to Volume Screen.
    3. Press the upper right hand corner of screen for 10 seconds.
    4. The Developers Screen will pop up
    5. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS
    6. Change from AUTO DETECT to MASS STORAGE
    7. Shut down NUVI and hookup to Computer USB cable
    8. Start NUVI and it should recognize it is hooked up to the computer.
    9. Explorer will now see all files in ROOT directory and the .System directories.
  • That's cool, thank you.
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