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!!HELP!! GPS recommendation/ route planning

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!!!!!HELP!!! I have just started managing a small sanitation company in rural Iowa, the current routes are highly inefficient. I desperately need someone to recommend route planning software and a compatible GPS. I want to be able to import/ export all of my account addresses from/to Microsoft Excel. !!!Most importantly I want to be able to import these files onto a GPS where I can save individual routes. My Goal is to put a GPS in each truck with a route labeled for each day of the week, then have any given driver be able to get in any given truck, turn on the GPS and follow the route according to the appropriate day. I have attempted using and trying to export to a garmin nuvi 2455 LMT. The myrouteonline uses google and appears to be decent (DEFINATELY MUCH BETTER THAN CURRENT ROUTES). But I can't seem to figure out how to store and open seperate routes this way. I am I doing it wrong? Are there better routing programs available? Or is there in general a better way to establish efficient routes? !!!!!I desperately need help, diesel is expensive!!!


  • Try RouteSavvy from OnTerra ( and look for RouteSavvy Online. $5/month and also has documentation on their website for how to export to a Garmin.

  • Check out OptimoRoute ( - web based multi-stop route planner. You can import multiple addresses from Microsoft Excel and easily plan optimal routes. Routes can be exported to a GPS device (Garmin, Navigon, TomTom) or Excel.

    There is a 30-day free trial so you can try it yourself.

    Here are the instructions for transferring the planned routes to a Garmin device:
    1. Connect the device to your computer: your nuvi and memory card appear as removable drives in My Computer in Windows and as mounted volumes on Mac computers.
    2. Browse your computer for the .gpx file you have downloaded from OptimoRoute and copy it.
    3. Open the "Garmin" or memory card drive/volume and paste the .gpx file.
    4. Once you have safely unplugged the device from your computer, you can navigate the Garmin menu in this way: Tools > My Data > Import Routes > so you can import the Route you have just copied.
    At this point, you are ready to start your Route: navigate the menu of your Garmin this way: Tools > Routes, select the Route and get ready to go!
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    @petarmrkoci are you affiliated with them?
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