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New user: some questions

newone 0 Points
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Hi All,
Actually this forum made me buy TN765. I was really impressed by the feature you guys talked about (although I am also sad to know it is discontinued). As a new user, I am at level zero and have some questions:

1. How do I get the speed limit in the screen? I knidda drove through state highway and the GPS did not show the speed limit. :?

2. To get the current speed I had use newer skin, right?

3. How do I search POI in different location. For example I am 100 miles away from Atlanta. Now, for Atlanta Airport, I selected Alanta, then typed airport (many thing appeared in the left side up), then from all that, I picked the airport. :(

I my friends Garmin (which I borrowed frequently before) ther was a POI search option for a distant location. Any help?

This is my first ever GPS and I want to use it as long as I can.

Thank you all ! :D


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Welcome! The TN765 continues to be good gps, especially with some of the skins developed. Unfortunately the skin files developed by Bluetooth are no longer available at the sites listed elsewhere in this forum. Others may be, I have not checked.

    To attempt to answer your questions:

    Q1 - Speed limits do not appear on all road classifications. Motorola did not purchase the highest/best level of map data from Navteq. The old saying 'you get what you pay for' is apprapo for this situation. More $$$ = more data, which equals more speed limits on more roads

    Q2 - I believe all the different skins show the current speed on the main map screen. Otherwise on a stock screen you can use the slide-in screen on the left and keep the screen called Dashboard active which shows current speed.

    Q3 - Pretty easy to do. Simply put a city and state into the top right field of the search screen before entering the address or category, i.e. Pizza. That field should show a greyed out example city which is Chicago, Il or 60601. But I now see your question is how to narrow the results?? Tap the 'category' tab at the top right - looks like 3 little baloons - and pick an appropriate category and the list should be shorter.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you very much!

    Ya, this is a different breed of GPS! And, I picked this one despite suggestion from friends to go for Garmin. And, I am happy(till now) that I made an off-road decision.

    And, I am happy to see this forum is a good place to get answers. Thank you and have a good one!
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