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Help: The Motorola song is playing like crazy

newone 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Hi All,

I am in serious trouble.

I am going from point A to B, while driving, the unit starts showing the Motorolla GPS feature video. If I let it play it plays several times. If I interrupt, it forgets where it was going, I have to enter all the destination information again.

If I stop at lights, the unit starts singing and after that fogets it was heading to.

Please help me out of this insanity!



  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Sounds like you have Demo mode turned on. Goto the Main Menu -> Help -> and see if the last item shows "Exit Demo". If it does, select it. (If it shows "Enter Demo" this may not be the problem) The next screen that comes up is important, so go will ask if you "Would like to erase all content and restore the defaults settings?" Select NO

    If this solves the problem let us know. If it does not then try holding the power button in the OFF position for 8-10 seconds or press the Reset button on the bottom of the unit. Turn the gps back on normally and check if it has gone away. If all this fails then we will have to do more research.
  • That saved my life! Just drove around without that annoying singing!

    Thank you for your prompt reply. :D :D :D
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