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Holux 236 with iPad2

jkjk222 0 Points
My old Holux 236 seems to be working, but not so good on BlueTooth with my ipad2. Everything I can find on this indicates that the iPad has to be "jail broken" in order to receive the wireless signal from the receiver. Has anyone heard of, or found, a workaround for this mess? I really am not anxious to do a "jailbreak" especially while the Apple device is under warranty. Thanks for any help.


  • Tim 1497 Points
    The Bluetooth profile included with the iPad doesn't have the necessary support for an external Bluetooth GPS (serial).
  • Thank you Tim...that's about what I've been finding. Either I'll have to wait for some kind of a hack, or give up and jailbreak!!! I'll keep looking, maybe there's something out there somewhere
  • Tim 1497 Points
    I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a hack that doesn't include jailbreak.
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