Garmin nuvi 1350LMT - map update problems

I have updated the maps on my Nuvi twice now, only to have the device
tell me that it "cannot authenticate maps"; as well the maps show only the main arteries, and none of the side streets.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem? :?:


  • No idea why your getting the "authenicate maps" error other than it may have something to do with the fact that the 1350 no longer has room to hold the whole North American mapset.

    Your getting no detail on your maps because you are now only using the default "basemap" which are the only maps now available on your Nuvi. Since you have no authenticated detailed maps, the Nuvi has defaulted to the basemap. The basemaps will only show major roads

    I'd suggest you attempt the download of the map update again from your account. This time pick OPTION 2 as your download choice and watch the various screens for a box in the lower left corner called INSTALL OPTIONS. Click on that button which will give you various alternatives for the amount of maps you can install.

    Another alternative is to install your detailed maps on an SD card instead of on your Nuvi. See our Sticky list for threads on the procedures for doing this.
  • Thanks, however I have downloaded the map update using Option 2 and just downloaded The "West" part of the maps, not the full update.
  • Garmin's tech support opens Monday morning. That's probably your best bet at finding a solution.
  • I suggest you go through the tutorials written by forum member Lilla: 1490T Tutorials, in particular Tutorials 1, 2, and 4. These tutorials will show you how to back up your nuvi, erase unnecessary files and install the maps. Although they were written for the 1490T nuvi, they apply equally well to your model.
  • Thanks alanb, but I don't know or understand how that will help. I have lot's of room for updates, I have downloaded the new maps, but I still get the "cannnot
    authenticate maps" error.
  • Do you see the following 3 files in your \.system folder:

    All 3 files should be there with the date you installed the new map.
  • Also check Tools>Settings>Map>Map info

    Is the new map shown there? If not it's not downloaded correctly. If it is shown, is it ticked? If not tick it and untick any other map :wink:
  • Thanks for your reply alanb. I could not find those files anywhere on my Nuvi.

    Thanks sussamb. According to Map Info, the newest version (2012.40) is loaded & ticked.
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    Well if it's showing and ticked the files alanb mentioned will be there, can you see the .system folder?

    It's a hidden folder so you need to set Windows to show hidden systems and files. If you don't know how to do that it's explained in Tutorial One of the tutorials that alanb mentioned :wink:
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    No, I could not find the system folder. (FYI, I have a MacBook.) I tried searching for the files themselves without any success. I agree, if the
    map is updated, the files will be there somewhere. But finding the files will not really help with the problem??????
  • Sorry, don't know about macs :evil: so can't help but you will only be able to check for these files once you can see the .system folder :wink:

    I suspect the files will be there, in which case the next step would be to carry out a hard reset
  • See my post in our how to backup your Nuvi FAQ...


    Connect the Nuvi to your Mac and click on it to show the contents


    In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder...


    Type .system and click Go


    You should now see the hidden folder and the files that it contains.

  • Thanks Boyd. That was easy enough. The longer I have this MacBook, the
    more I learn.
  • You should now see the hidden folder and the files that it contains.
    In addition to that method, I've found a useful little Mac OS X Dashboard Widget called "Hidden Files" that enables/disables the displaying of Mac OS X hidden files via a Dashboard Widget button.

    Google search for "hidden files widget os x" and you'll find it.
  • Just an update. Garmin Support was very helpful in getting rid of my problems with 1. authenticating maps and 2. unlocking maps by providing me new files to put in the system folder.

    Now I find out the latest software update has changed things in the Nuvi to what I feel now makes this a lousy product. I was in love with my Nuvi, but now when I drive without entering a destination, only the main arteries show up. No more side streets. When off of a main artery, it looks like I am driving through an unmapped area. Just the vehicle icon and nothing else (except the
    tracks left behind) I don't know where I am, where the next street is or what street it is. When talking to Garmin Support all they stated was that is now how it is and referred to it as a navigation device meant to be used only for entering your destination, and by entering your destination that is now the only way to get your side streets, etc. This, according to them, is because of the latest software. When asked about reverting to older software they said it can't be done because they have no records/files containing :roll: older software. I find that hard to believe but I do see they took off of their website the list of older software.

    If anyone can provide a solution to this, I would be most happy.
  • I've noticed no such change on my 1310 or 1490, both running 5.80.

    Check Tools>Settings>Map>Map detail and check it's set to 'Most'
  • To me, it sounds like you still do not have City Navigator detail maps and are only using the base map. Try Tools > Settings > Map > Map Info. See what maps are listed and make sure they have a check mark next to them.
  • I agree alanb, all the noted issues would indicate that the Nuvi is not using the detailed City Navigator maps but only the default basemap.
  • I agree alanb, all the noted issues would indicate that the Nuvi is not using the detailed City Navigator maps but only the default basemap.
  • Thanks guys, but have been there and done that. Honestly, I have spent almost the last week talking to & emailing Garmin Support and they say that
    is the way it is. I have been thinking that it is a cop-out on their part and they don't really know how to fix the matter or are tired of talking to me.
  • Well what you describe certainly doesn't sound right, but without seeing screen shots it's difficult to be certain. Here is the sort of thing you should see when not navigating on a route (this from a 1490 running 5.80 software):

  • Thanks guys, but have been there and done that...
    So, when you look at the Map Info screen on your nuvi, what maps are listed?
  • Thanks for replying. Firstly, my map is up to date. The Map info indicates that I have CN North America NT 2012.40 ( US & Canada - West ) and it is checked off. Next, my screenshot would show my vehicle ( if on a major artery ) being on a street but no side streets. If not on a major artery my vehicle would be on a white/blank space, no side streets shown but in the background (further out in the area) you could see the major arteries. I hope I was clear with this description. The only time I have all the streets showing is if I have entered in a destination.

    By the way, my software is version 5.80.

    Basemap is: Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap, N% 5.00
    Detailed Maps: 2012. (c) 2011 NAVTEQ.
    2012, Garmin
    2011, DMTI Spatial Inc
    2012, The Data for Mexico....etc.
    2012, Fuente.........

  • It was suggested a few posts back that you try a hard reset on the unit. Did you ever do this? I can't see where you've stated that you have (if you did). A hard reset is the first thing to try when encountering odd issues with any nuvi. It has been know solve many odd quirks that are unresolvable by any other means. Be sure and back up your favorites as they will be wiped out upon performing a hard reset.

    See the following under the stickies (and note the favorites backup procedure there as well):
  • :D
    Thank you everyone for your support. And a thank you to SergZak for making me see the light. I did a hard reset and I now have my side streets back, contrary to what 2 different woman at Garmin Support state ( they said the side streets were not available anymore - liars). The only difference that I have encountered after the reset is that my Nuvi is very very slow to startup and download the maps. BUT....I don't care.

    A question? Comparing my Garmin backup to the reset Garmin I notice that the reset Garmin does not have the "Diag" file in the .system folder. Is this normal?
    It contains the Event Logs, Shutdowns, etc. Is this the file that contains my saved "recently found" addresses?

    Thanks again to all who contributed.
  • I notice that the reset Garmin does not have the "Diag" file in the .system folder. Is this normal? It contains the Event Logs, Shutdowns, etc.
    It may have been cleared on the hard reset but I can't verify this since I don't have your model to test.

    If it was indeed cleared out, it will be regenerated when need be (when the unit encounters a problem). Still, I don't see why the unit should have wiped the entire folder on the hard reset...I can see clearing out the diagnostic log files but not the folder. I wouldn't worry about it though...
    Is this the file that contains my saved "recently found" addresses?
    No, they are not stored in the Diag folder. Recently found items are stored on the GPS in an inaccessible memory area. Recent finds are always cleared on a hard reset. Many users (including myself) have complained that there was never any way to back up the Recently Found list.
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