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Is Navteq Traffic Improving?

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I know that I've been gone for a long time, but after a couple of trips lately I've noticed a remarkable improvement in the number of traffic events that seem to be showing up.

Example: Over the past year or so...I usually have about 9-30 or so events when I travel through a metro area. The past couple of weeks...I'm averaging about 90-120 events ( I even hit a high of 182 events last week)

Now I know that this has nothing to do with the quality of events, but I've taken to running 2 gps systems (1 Navteq traffic, 1 ClearChannel) to test the number of events and lately...Navteq consistantly beats ClearChannel in the number of events. (Navteq 70-115, ClearChannel 65-92).


  • Bluetooth.....did you happen to notice which traffic events are becoming more prevelant in your area? Are there more traffic delays, due to "slow moving traffic", "bad weather conditions", or just more traffic alerts in all categorys?
    In my area, I`ve noticed just an increase in "bad weather conditions", up to a distance of around 90-100 miles in radius from my home......
    Was just curious..........
  • Most of the events are temp to long term lane changes, construction, and items other than flow events. Flow events also have increased, but the bulk of the increase seems to come from the construction related changes.

    These type of events were always listed via ClearChannel, but now it seems as though Navteq is broadcasting them also. Even tonight, after 9:30pm I'm still seeing over 74 events (only a couple are flow/accident related). And I'm able to receive the same tmc from several stations...

    It just seems like Navteq is getting better. :D
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