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From Green to it possible?

I have a question for the gallery.

Is it possible to change the info bar on the map (in other words, the area that tells you what street is ahead - or what the next turn is if you have a destination mapped out) from green to blue, or is it a feature included in the "international only" Garmin models? I'd like to change it on my 3490 just for something different, but by no means is it a big deal.

Where I work, the demo units show that such a change is possible, so I thought I'd bring it up here. If it is possible, please let me know how.

Either way, I hope you all have a good day. Thanks in advance.


  • class3 52 Points
    Yes, it's possible. I have a 3490LMT myself. It's done by changing the 'locale' when the unit was first set up. To get the blue banner on top, choose a locale in Europe, like Belgium or France. The speed limit display will also change to a round red circle. ATM POI will have a Euro symbol and there will be a new option to disable Autozoom. With at least the Belgium locale, there will also be an option to enable audible alerts when you exceed the speed limit.

    To change the locale, you have to do a hard reset. Note this will delete all user data. On the 3490, a hard reset is done by turning on the unit (from a complete power off), waiting until the copyright info appears, then holding down the lower right corner of the screen for a while (like around 20-30 sec) until it displays something like "Clear User Data?"

    Btw, I also noticed that with the demo unit at local Best Buy you could change the 'locale' appearances by just changing the Map Theme. It doesn't work this way on my production unit, though. The Map Themes only change the colors on the map, slightly, and not the banner, speed limit, autozoom, etc.
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