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Select Area Map in Map Source

RoyBoy 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
I don't understand the use of "Select Area Map" when you create a route in Mapsource.....Can someone explain why I should use it.....Thanks


  • sussamb 798 Points
    Do you mean 'Select Map Areas around route'? This is so you can send the map and the route to your GPS should you wish to :wink:
  • wfooshee 91 Points
    Selecting maps is intended for older GPS receivers which do not have detail maps preloaded. My 2610, for example, still sitting around somewhere, used occasionally as a backup unit. Its preloaded maps are major roads only, and not routable. To get street-level routable maps you had to download map sections from MapSource into the receiver, along with the route. It came with a 128MB memory card, so you had to be selective.

    One trip I took had to be broken up into two section because I couldn't load all the maps, had about a 30-mile gap in the middle. With a 2-GB memory card you could download the entire US map set and have it ready to run, just like newer receivers.
  • RoyBoy 0 Points
    Thanks guys, now I understand when its needed.....RoyBoy
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