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Auto Gps for trail riding?

Hi, is it possible to use a Auto gps for trail riding on an ATV? I'm not looking to save routes, just to use to find my way back. I go trail riding on my ATV on old logging roads. I'm just looking for a compass and a back track feature. The reason I'm considering an Auto gps is because the screens are bigger.




  • ddabcd277 47 Points
    Zumo 660/220 or nuvi 550. They all support importing routes and as far as I have read they have a compass page.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    Do you want a real magnetic compass? On the Nuvi series, I believe that only the 2360, 3450 and 3490 have a real compass. Not certain about the Zumo series, but I don't think they have real compasses either - the Nuvi 550 definitely does not.

    Having a compass display is another matter. The nuvi 550 shows a compass dial, but you must be moving for it to work - in other words, it is determining your direction of travel from the gps fix and not a magnetic compass.

    Also note that none of the Nuvi series allows you to import a track and show it on your screen. They can record your own track and display it, but you can't load a track from your computer to the Nuvi.

    I believe the Nuvi 500/550 do have a backtrack function. None of the other Nuvi's have that. Again, not sure about the Zumo .
  • ddabcd277 47 Points
    3400 series have accelerometer. It is different from 3axis compass. Only 2360 have it AFAIK from the automotive gps.

    zumo 220 and 660 also have trackback but as Boyd wrote can't be imported tracks and don't have a real compass. But in addition zumo 220/660 have Bluetooth A2DP technology and can be connected to a helmet or headset. Also they have a special "offroad" setting for routing as I am reading.

    On the other hand zumos are not cheap and are not very handy for hiking.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    I am never clear about the compass feature, but Rich Owings seems to think the 3400 and 3500 series have that feature:
    Here are all the nuvi models with a triaxial compass. Links go to my reviews, except for the 3500 series, which I haven’t finished reviewing yet:

    Garmin nuvi 2360LMT
    Garmin nuvi 2360LT
    Garmin nuvi 3450
    Garmin nuvi 3450LM
    Garmin nuvi 3490LMT
    Garmin nuvi 3550LM
    Garmin nuvi 3590LMT
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