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I just hate "auto zooming"

dixiedawg 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
My old Garmin I've had (and my wife's newer one) both have the most infuriating characteristic: the won't remain at the zoom level you put them at. They want to decide FOR you when to zoom in or out. While this would be great if it were a setting, it's not. And it drives me NUTS sometimes, when I need to zoom out to see where I really am.

Gimme the name of a GPS that won't do this to me, and that'll be my new GPS. (I don't ask for much)



  • Boyd 2002 Points
    There are several old models - the Nuvi 8x0, 8x5 and 5000 series had a menu item to disable autozoom. For a current model, the Montana will give you this option but it's sort of a specialized product.

    Here's the weird part though. Most of the new models actually have this option but it has been disabled for users in the US. Why Garmin would do this is one of life's mysteries. However, if you do a hard reset then choose Australia instead of US as your country, the menu option to disable autozoom will appear.

    You will also need to tweak a couple other settings like time and units, and the style of the map display will change a bit. I don't have a full list of which units can do this, but my *guess* would be it includes the 23xx, 24xx, 25xx, 34xx and 37xx series.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Do you really want NO autozoom, or just one with a bit more control?

    I have a 1310 and a 1490, both can be 'set' so that under a certain speed they drop to a particular setting (mine is set to 200 feet) and above it they zoom out (on mine to the 0.2 mile setting). I like that because it gives me the detail when I slow down and enough advance warning when I'm going faster, all this without having to touch my GPS. If I was constantly having to adjust it that would be distracting.
  • Do you really want NO autozoom, or just one with a bit more control?

    Control would be ideal. Autozoom definitely is a great feature IF you can control it. In my travels, I often need to see where I am on the map in relation to other roads/places/towns/etc. But as fast as I try to zoom out and see exactly where I really AM, the frickin' thing zooms right back in!

    Yesterday it almost got me in a wreck. This thing has got to go. :lol:

    Thanks guys!!
  • GoThere 0 Points
    I agree that it would be nice to turn off autozoom including while I am navigating to a point already. I sit there hitting the '-' icon to get the context, and my NUVI 1450LMT fights me. Then, after a bit, it zooms out showing the whole USA, having accumulated my '-' icon hits.

    I may try the Australian mode after saving my POI.gpi file.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    Sorry, I don't think that will work on an older model like the 1450. This little trick first appeared on the 3700 series, and apparently works on the Advanced/Prestige 2012 models as well.
  • dixiedawg 0 Points
    It doesn't work on the Nuvi 50 I just bought.
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