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CityGuide GPS Software

Solcity 0 Points
Hello, as I saw here wasn't any publications about this Software provider, so i decided to start a brand new topic.
Here you may find them
First of all, to be honest i am a partner of this company, as a provider of maps in Dominican Republic. But i'm not here for advertising, i am seeking a review, opinions, feedback and maybe friends.
Also CityGuide works with Columbia, Shri Lanka, Thailand, Panama, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorusia, Rusia and so on.
Platforms they developed: Android, Iphone, Symbian, Brew, Win CE, Win Mobile, Windows XP.
I would like to know if there are people in this forum as I who worked with them, or used their software?

I use this software on my personal Android, WIN CE navigator and a laptop.
* Friendly interface
* Offline function
* Interactive data base of traffic on the streets (Online)
* all the normal GPS navigator functions

*Support functions only in Russia, so any company as me, must give their own support about this app. But till now, i didn't have any big issues with the app. It worked pretty well, same as on my clients smartphones.

So, let the conversation begin!


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