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Old Exporist 600 does not always boot up

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A friend gave me his old Exporist 600 because it would not always boot up for him or lock up at times. I've been able to get it to boot most of the time, but the only solution has been to pull the battery out for a bit and then put it back in and then I'll get it to boot up. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get this to stop? (It's well out of warranty)

Secondly and something he say he did not have with it, is that when I plug the unit in to my computer (Running XP SP2), and turn the Explorist on, I get a yellow flag that says USB Device Not Reconognized and that of course closes and I do not have communications with the unit. The battery charges just fine from the USB even in this state.

Is this thing a doorstop or can it be salvaged? I'm able to do some basic electroncs repair if there might be a connection gone bad. I did it with the wife's car clock and solderd a part on better...

Thanks in advance!


  • working from memory here so bear with me. Check the firmware version. You may need to update it. The firmware downloads have (as memory serves me) the PC drivers so that would fix the other as well.
  • Mark: I had the same problems with my first Explorist. I bagged the USB communication. I save tracks, routes and POI to the SD card. Then I place the card in the SD slot on my PC with XP. I upload & download this way. Then place the SD card in the unit and away we go.
    BTW I have replaced 2 cables so far. I carry a spare cable when on extended road trips.
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