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3490LMT. Continuous Loop. Am I done for?

Good evening people.

Earlier today, my 3490LMT went into a continuous loop; in other words, it will boot up to the "loading maps" message, then either reboot (when charged) or shut off (when not charging). I filled out a service claim on Garmin's website, and it shows it's still in warranty.

Is there anything that can be done on my end, or did I do the right thing by filling out a service claim? I know there was a link for such a situation, but it applied to older units.

By the way, for those of you who have the Advanced Weather subscription on your Smartphone Link, DO NOT turn on the radar animation option. That's what's caused this mess in the first place.

I thank you in advance for your responses.

P.S. For those of you who had units replaced by Garmin, how long does it take? We have a big trip coming up one month from now, and I would love to have this unit with me on the road.


  • Boyd 1986 Points
    edited April 2012
    Try this - it worked on my 3790 which is similar. As it is restarting, somewhere around the time it says it's loading maps, press and hold the power button. You will probably have to try several times to find the exact right moment. When you do, a screen should show saying something like "Turn off the device?". There should be two options, Cancel and Off. Tap cancel. The unit should then start up without loading the map or any other files. At this point you should be able to connect to your computer and enter USB disk mode.

    The problem you're having is probably a corrupt file of some kind, possibly the map itself. Do a full backup while you can, then you can try deleting everything but the essential files and see if it will then start properly.

    If not, then do a google search for "garmincure3". OTOH, if you don't want to deal with all this then I'd say you did the right thing with the service claim as they should send you a replacement.
  • s2800021 81 Points
    Very likely, a map file has been corrupted. If you have backup all files on the Nuvi, try to reinstall the map(s) to see if it works.
  • I am trying to get the Nuvi into Pre-boot mode, but it seems that the GPS isn't even giving me time to pull it off. It shuts off/reboots about 2 seconds after the "Loading Maps" message pops up.

    Thanks for the advice. I'll keep trying.
  • Update: I was able to get the Nuvi into pre-boot mode, and used Garmin Cure to see if any progress was made. Unless I'm crazy, my .system folder is missing, but I am reinstalling the maps and will work from there.

    Thanks for everything once again.
  • comsnark 0 Points
    I believe the 3490's use MTP (media transfer protocol) mode, not the more common "Mass Storage Device" mode when they get plugged into a windows computer. If this is the case, you need to change the device settings so that it get's recognized by the computer as a "Mass Storage Device"

    Directions to change this are in Boyd's second post in this thread:

    (it is one of the forum stickies).

    As near as I can tell, the main purpose of MTP mode is to stop people from hacking system files on devices that are connected to computers :)
  • I am pretty much saying screw it and sending this puppy back to service. It's in warranty, so unless there are some hoops to jump through (that you all are aware of), I should hopefully get a replacement. For the time being, my very kind parents lent me the 3790 I gave them.

    I wonder if I can "convince" them to give me the 3590 instead, since it's the same price? ;)

    (I'm joking. I really don't see that happening at all.)
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