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Initial questions re: 3590LMT

I am making the switch from an older TomTom to this device. It's on order, and will arrive in a couple of days. In the meanwhile, I have downloaded the user's manual, and various software.

Some questions:
1. Is the device charged while connected to the USB port of a computer?
2. If so, is this method slower than connecting to house current?
3. I read - I think on something official from Garmin - that only their AC charging unit should be used. Is this really the case? I have a couple of devices (one is the charger from my Kindle, the other an external battery) that I have used with just about everything that I own. Am I not to use these if the amps and voltage seem compatible?
4. There seems to be a - to me - bewildering amount of software available:
*Lifetime map updater
*Map install and map manager
*Communicator plugin (this, I have installed already in my browser)
There just seems to be duplication there! Is it all needed?


  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    Upon a closer look at the software, I conclude that:
    1. WebUpdater is an app - as TomTom Home is - for the managing of the device
    2. Lifetime Map Updater is an automatic download feature for an LM model
    3. MapInstall is probably for adding additional maps not pre-loaded.

  • sussamb 813 Points
    edited April 2012
    Pretty much correct. I think it's fair to say that many here believe that Lifetime Mapupdater is too immature at the moment. Far too many reports of it causing problems and the general advice is not to use it :wink:
  • sussamb 813 Points
    edited April 2012
    To answer your first post:

    1. Yes
    2. Probably
    3. I use chargers from other devices, they work fine
    4. As per above, but again most would not bother with Dashboard as it gives you no control over what's being updated, Webupdater is what most use. There is detail on this here which explains the difference between Webupdater and Dashboard
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    So if Lifetime MapUpdater is to be passed over for the time being, then is WebUpdater the way to get one's free updates?
    Does it also give updates to the actual device software/firmware?
  • alanb 541 Points
    And to add to what sussamb said ... most users have found Webupdater (instead of Dashboard) to be the preferred method for software and firmware updates. Use to apply map updates. You will find 2 choices: 1) Lifetime updater and 2) Map update installer. Use the second option.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    Thanks to the two of you for your (very quick) replies.
    There's a package on its way; I'm waiting for it.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    1. WebUpdater is an app - as TomTom Home is - for the managing of the device
    I don't agree with this. It's been a long time since I had a TomTom Go 920t, but webupdater doesn't have nearly all the functions of TomTom Home. WebUpdater is a "one trick pony". The only thing that it can do is download firmware for your device. It doesn't do any "management" (or at least this isn't how I would define management).
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    So - pray tell - what do you use to "manage" a nuvi? Or is a combination of things needed?

    Certainly TTHome is a device management app; it is very multi-use.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I guess you would need to define "manage"? What do you want to accomplish? I suggest that you read some of the links in our FAQ threads on updating your maps and firmware and how to perform common tasks for starters. This may answer your questions without the need to get into a lot of detail here.

    The short answer is that there isn't any single program that does it all on Garmin.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I'm happy to read those linked items.

    I'm just trying - in advance of the unit's arrival - to get my head around what I see is a lot of software. And seeming duplication.
    Even the name "WebUpdate" seems to be a misnomer - since it doesn't involve the Web; it uses the Internet, and not the Web or browser.

    With my present TT, one computer-based app does a whole host of tasks.
  • t923347 432 Points
    IMO Web and Internet are interchangeable for most people. :wink:
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