How to enter negative coordinates?
  • Denis54
    Posts: 28
    I have an old Nuvi 650 with an Europe 2008 map on a SD card.

    I need to enter negative coordinates. When I go to the coordinates screen, the minus sign is grayed out and I cannot input it.

    What should I do?
  • sussamb
    Posts: 4,325
    I'm not sure if the 650 has a choice of the coordinate format but it seems like you are trying to enter coordinates in the wrong format. My 1490 gives a choice of 3 formats, and 'grays out' unacceptable entries.

    When you tap Where to>Coordinates is there a Format button on the screen (mine's at the bottom)? If so try selecting a different one.
  • Tim
    Posts: 19,394
    And if you're entering coordinates for Montreal the longitude is negative, which is W, for West. In some formats on some devices you may be able to enter the W instead of the -.
  • Denis54
    Posts: 28
    Thank you Tim. I was looking to enter coordinates for a location in France. I had not paid attention to the W box that is in front of the coordinates number. All is fine now
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