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Stolen GPS Registry and Perpetual Activation

cuc tu 91 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
Since my GPS was recently stolen, I got to thinking how consumers could enjoy enhanced protections and how the GPS manufacturers could enjoy increased profits.

1. I think there is some sort of stolen property database, and the police may have entered my serial number into one, but there may be more such databases that are not linked. I would like to enter my SN into some of them, but not sure where.

2. If the MFGs would support stolen registries, they could also disable devices if they are ever connected to their services. I'm sure they have a way to uniquely ID every device.

3. The MFGs could require perpetual activation, say once a year or so, a device will be required to simply connect to the Internet to maintain its activation. If not, the product becomes disabled until it is reactivated. Of course the service would be voluntary (or opt out) and be relatively seamless - just plug in and a quick check of a stolen registry would clear the device.

It seems such measures would have a significant impact on stolen goods trafficking that services such as eBay and Craigslist facilitate, and that would further open the market and demand for new devices. As it is, The thief who stole my GPS will either use it or sell it to someone, and I will likely buy a cheap used GPS, and that potentially loses two sales for the MFGs...


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