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New Generations and Random Restarts: Nuvi 3490LMT

Good day everyone.

Thanks to Garmin's quick response to the matter, I received my new replacement 3490LMT on Saturday. However, this unit seems to be a bit more responsive than the 3490 I previously own. Does Garmin make a different generation of units every six months or so, or did I just luck out on a good unit?

My second question is this: I know it has nothing to do with an individual unit; the old 3490, as well as the 3790 I borrowed, does it as well. At times, the unit randomly restarts when charging, whether it's on the cradle or on AC power. Is there anything I can do about it on my end?

That aside, I am back to business, and I thank Garmin for their speedy response. I did alert them on the weather issue, as well.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


  • t923347 432 Points
    If your new unit has the latest firmware version (6.30) which was released on April 9th, it may account for the differences in response that you seem to be seeing.
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