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Garmin 3 to 3.1 Update Killed My 1695

I've updated this before without any issues. After this update it boots up and flashes on and off or it has a red and white cris cross pattern.


I'll have to call Garmin on Monday.


  • offthegrid 91 Points
    It actually says 'image not found' in very small print.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    Off to Garmin in Kansas today there was nothing they could do about this remotely.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    I got the refurb this morning.

    It won't connect via MyGarmin but webupdater and POI Loader connect fine BUT POI Loader doesn't load anything.

    Every time I turn it off and then on again it starts from scratch I click for the country , the time zone etc etc. It doesn't save the info.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    I just went for a ride to test it and guess what no satellite lock.

    Garmin couldn't have checked this at all before sending it.

    Not too impressed with their service.
  • alanb 539 Points
    The first satellite acquisition may take a long time. It takes even longer if you are moving while it is trying to acquire.

    Take it to a place that has a clear view of the sky and wait several minutes. It should eventually lock in. After it has locked in, it will not take as long the next time you start it. Also, the problem of having to put in the initial preferences will go away once you get a satellite lock.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    I returned that one and paid for another refurb to be sent out.

    It never got satellite lock.

    So this next unit comes out and thee is no Google search instead it says "Local Search". I'm still in my free one year period. Cannot connect to the network. When I push on Gas Prices it just shows the closest gas stations - that should also say 'cannot connect to network'.

    They do absolutely nothing to check these prior to sending them out.

    I'm disgusted.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    They cannot get the nulink services to work on this unit. They are baffled.

    So I'm supposed to send this one back?? Nope. I'll sell this as a regular gps to someone and move on.

    Garmin is a decent product but there attention to detail on these refurb turn a rounds stinks. They keep telling me these things are checked and that is clearly not the case.
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