Maps won't load

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Hi guys I am newbie but was wondering if anyone could help me please I have a nuvi 1490lmt and was trying to reload the maps as I was having a problem but it loaded to a point and said the install was interrupted. When I push resume the same message it will not. Let me finish loading the maps anyone experience this before?


  • sussamb 304 Points
    I've had a map update interrupted once but it resumed without any problem.

    How are you trying to load the update? If using Lifetime map updater this is known to be rather flaky.

    The best way is to log onto your myGarmin, go to the map download page and select Option 2, not Option 1 which is the Lifetime Map Updater :wink:
  • dkjohn 0 Points
    Thanks I will try that
  • badair 0 Points
    I recently downloaded maps for my new 2555lmt. They wouldn't load into my device. I contacted Garmin and they found that my firewalls were preventing the transfer to my Nuvi. By temporarily disabling my firewalls, the maps loaded normally.
  • sussamb 304 Points
    That would certainly create a problem, additionally 'parental controls' can prevent some downloads :wink:
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