City Navigator 2013.10 North America is released.
  • t923347
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    City Navigator 2013.10 North America is now available for download from the Garmin website.

    I used an earlier version of Option2 to start the download but it is also available via myDashboard
  • Ragman
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    So you will be the first tester for the US + Can maps? Test something in your winter home of AZ.
  • Zemartelo
    Posts: 353
    Sweet... cant wait to get home and look at the new phonebook. LOL
  • Already taken care of with the 3490.

    The ramp system near my house is still not recognized as completed, even though it has been almost a year away, which also makes sense because the ramps were opened until almost August. I sense it's coming in the next map update, and it's no big deal to me.

    One thing I did notice was that the map did show the removal of the "opposite direction" ramps connecting I-77 and I-90 in Cleveland, OH. That one IS important, because we're heading that way in a few days.😃
  • Zemartelo
    Posts: 353
    If the navteq website is of any indication I didnt find any changes in my corner of the woods.😞
  • Ragman
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    Anybody else loss the link to 2013.10 on Garmin website. No Option 2
  • I used option 2 and the update went smooth for me.
  • alanb
    Posts: 2,245
    I have updated both my nuvi's (755T and 855). I installed both directly to SD card instead of installing to unit. Just like previous map versions, the 755T got the large 757 MB JCV file while the 855 got the small 43.8 MB file, even though both had 8 GB SD cards with plenty of room. I copied the large JCV file from the 755T over to the 855 and both units seem to be working well with the new maps and files.
  • Boyd
    Posts: 11,631
    Somehow we have two threads on the same subject. Am locking this one because the other one is longer - please continue the discussion over here. Thanks! City Navigator 2013.10 Release
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