Nuvi 1350 Keyboard/Text Disaster

So I have a Nuvi 1350 and finally decided to update the maps... and it turned into a disaster. Long story short the update wiped out all of my GPS data. All of my voices, keyboards, texts, pics, history... all of it was deleted. Obviously the personal info is lost forever but I'm really frustrated that I can't get my keyboard/texts back to normal. I installed the WebUpdater but the only thing it has on it are voices. I really need my keyboard to be in QWERTY mode (which also magically deleted). And my keyboard will not capitalize anything. Any suggestions?


  • I take it you didn't back up your nuvi?

    Re keyboard, have you tried Tools>Settings>System>Keyboard layout? Even if you've deleted everything the 'default' should be there? In any case try webupdater again ... I get the option to download keyboards as well as voices etc.
  • I did the map update on my 1350 two days ago with no problems at all. Yesterday, I did the map update on my 1490T with no problems. The only issue I had was over a year and a half ago when a Firmware update deleted my Favorites.
  • I did try to backup my nuvi but it kept telling me the backup failed and asked if I would like to try again or continue anyways. After three failed attempts I chose to continue anyways.

    I have no idea what happened but it's very weird. The defaults are all messed up. In the Tools>Settings>System the Keyboard Layout Option (ABCDE/QWERTY) is gone altogether... and whenever I go to type a destination or anything else it will only type in lowercase letters. The capitalization doesn't work at all.
  • This kind of problem (unfortunately) sometimes happens after a map update. Doing a hard reset will usually clear it - see How to perform a hard reset
  • If I do the hard reset will I lose the updated maps that I just paid to have updated?
  • A hard reset shouldn't affect your maps :wink:
  • The only thing that would cause you to lose any maps would be problems with the filesystem on your Nuvi. And even if that happened, you have 12 months during which you can download the maps again from your Garmin account at no charge.

    If the filesystem has been damaged on your Nuvi, it could have a variety of other serious problems. Is it still under warranty?
  • Thank you very much for all of the help/advice everyone. I am currently at work but will try a hard reset when I get home. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • I tried the Master Reset and essentially it did nothing. All of my prior problems are still happening. :(
  • If still under warranty, contact Garmin support and get authorization to return. Even if it's out of warranty, I would call (NOT e-mail) and explain that Garmin's software ruined your GPS. This will not be the first time they've heard of such a problem, and if you are insistent (but NICE) they will probably agree to replace it. Ask for a supervisor if needed.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for all of the replies everybody. I just spent an hour on the phone with them and they said it's a hardware problem and are replacing the unit (warrantied). I appreciate all of the help.
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