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1300 does not display vehicle speed in route mode

My 1300 does not display vehicle speed in route mode. Is this a bug or something I've overlooked?


  • sussamb 813 Points
    If it works like my 1310 it should display your speed bottom right of screen whether navigating or not. If it doesn't do you know if it ever did?
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Actually this is something we've discussed before. The 1300 doesn't have the speed limit display. I think it's impossible for normal humans to understand the variation in features between different model nuvi's. It's all just marketing, the hardware is the same but they have removed the speed limit from the 1300 because it was positioned as their bottom of the line device.

    Here's the feature matrix for the 1300 series:

    BTW, we don't have the 1310 on this side of the pond. :)
  • sussamb 813 Points
    Now that does amaze me :twisted:

    Thought I was pretty used to some Garmin inconsistencies but never dreamt the speedo would just be dropped off a model series just because it's 'bottom of the line' :roll:
  • Billw439 0 Points
    There is probably more to it than just dropping a feature. While Boyd says the hardware is the same I seriously doubt it is and certain features get dropped because they don't fit in the hardware. I use to wet in on that type of discussion with a former employer and it is always a balance of what will fit for a certain price range. End result is If you want all the features don't buy the lowest price range. It is the same with cars or anything else you buy.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I think the 1300 and 1350 are the same. In fact, if you visit another popular GPS forum you will see that people are flashing firmware from more expensive models on the cheap models. It is also a fact that the Asian firmware versions on many models add features not available on the same US models. Again, people have flashed Asian firmware on US devices and gained features like MP3 players, advanced detours and custom routes that aren't available here.

    Now the 1300 is probably different from the 1390 because of the bluetooth feature. But I really can't think of what kind of extra "hardware" would be needed to display the speed limit. :)
  • Billw439 0 Points
    A hacker doesn't have to consider if all features work together or how many service calls they get. There is a lot more behind it than just not putting the feature in. It could be as simple as having to pay a lease for the code or conflicts with other code. Whatever it is all designed for a price point and if you want all the features you can't buy the cheapest unit for sale.
  • popej 57 Points
    There could be some hardware differences, like size of flash memory, bluetooth, sometimes RAM memory. But if you compare for example nuvi 1300 and 1350 there are only artificial limits added in software. It is not about cost of parts, services or licenses but only a marketing decision to artificially create different products. That's why hacking is so easy.
  • I believe you do indeed have the Vehicle Speed available but not the Speel Limit indicator.

    If you click on one of the indicators to the right , it should then give you a selection of various indicators, one of which should be Speed ie Speedometer!

    Good Luck.

    (I am presuming that by Route mode, you mean you have 4 indicators to the right. At least that is what my nuvi 1350 has...)
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Ah - now that I read the post again I think you may be right. I assumed speed limit (the icon that looks like a speed limit sign). Sorry for the confusion. All nuvi's can display your speed of travel.

    Oh well, it was an interesting discussion about Garmin features and marketing anyway. :)
  • winston61 82 Points
    solved the problem. Did a software upgrade and re-calibrated the screen. Works like a champ.
  • CathyJ 0 Points
    solved the problem. Did a software upgrade and re-calibrated the screen. Works like a champ.
    What software upgrade did you use, and how did you calibrate your screen?

    I have the same problem. I was very disapointed, my old Nuvi had the posted speed limit, but my new one does not... And I sure miss it a lot! Thanks for your help.
  • sussamb 813 Points
    You don't say which GPS you have, but if the 13xx series (but not the 1300) the latest software is 6.20 and is available through webupdater. It displays the speed limit (if known) as did previous software versions.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    As mentioned above, the Nuvi 1300 doesn't show you the posted speed limit.

    Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe): no
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