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Installation of new GO 910

birdy176 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Would like to exchange experiences with anyone who also bought this model. The printed manual and the downloadable pdf files give no indication on how to load the device once it's docked to the computer. E.g., transfer of POI, pictures and music. The latter two items are by no means essential but it's the principle of testing what can be added to the knowledge base.

I have downloaded 10 MBs (am on dial-up, no DSL in the boonies...) and the 45 minute download may or may not have been received by the device.

My home address is already properly installed. Had to do it walking since we're iced in but it works.

Please contact me at : micasa2@peoplepc. com


  • Tim 1480 Points
    Are you using the TomTom Home application? If so is there a specific task you are having difficulty with? I never read the instructions, but didn't have trouble transferring pictures and MP3 music files with the TomTom Home application to the 910.
  • Thanks, Tim. Discovered the installed "Home" today and was able to follow the instructions. However, when I tried the back-up, it hit an error notice and quit.

    Will not worry about the back-up feature until I've learned how to use all the features.
  • After receiving instructions on "TomTom Home" today and taking it out on the road this afternoon, I connected it to the dock for charging. I am not able to turn it off but it is showing a gray, glowing screen without the TomTom logo or any other script.

    Holding down the button will not turn it on. I am afraid it will damage the battery.

    Have written to a very slow customer service. Is there an emergency place I can contact? Will have to ask for an RMA from the dealer tomorrow if I find it still in this condition. It is 2 AM on the West Coast.

  • Tim 1480 Points
    TomTom's phone number is here.
  • Thanks Tim, I had the number but would have suffered phone an eternity of "menu and muzak hell" only if it were out of warranty.

    I didn't expect to get an immediate response from TomTom's people but they came through. It's apparently something that happens frequently enough and I'm sure that it would be a valuable piece of info to repeat here:

    There's a reset button hole in the bottom U-shaped recess that needs to be punched with a paper clip (like a stuck DVD tray on the computer...). If necessary, it has to be held down for 4 seconds for the device to operate. No files will be lost, however.

    Will ask them how such an occurrence can be avoided.

    Since the off button (top left) had no effect, the gray screen was lit up most of the night resulting in a total discharge. Then I put it back in the dock, waited a few minutes for a minimum charge and turned the device on.

    It worked and I didn't even have to use the "reset" freature. But it was a big scare just the same.
  • Since it's the weekend, I don't want to ask their HQ for advice:

    I cannot delete certain destinations, favorites and routes in TomTom Home while docked to the PC.

    In "Explore" there is a section that should display all features used in the center column of the interface but mine is empty and only shows maps and languages in the right-hand one which I have already culled. I am using "All Menus" but still nothing shows whose dialo boxes I could check off.

    Any ideas?
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