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Display backwards on new Start 55TM

glennc 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Purchased a Tom Tom Start 55TM. After getting tech supports help to get the proper program to update the unit, I did so. Took for a test drive and noted very slow reaction times. Voice commands were about 2-3 turns ahead of the actual vehicle. Recontacted support who had me reset it and stayed on the line while I took it for a test drive. I wish to know if some of the issues are normal for the brand. The reset did speed up the reaction time. But the during the drive the screen showed 180 degrees out. It showed the correct route and the arrow traveling backwards, like the trunk was the front of the car. It also does not seem to do U-turns. The tech had me remove and reinstall the application, haven't tested it again yet. Is the no U-turn thing normal? I purposely did the same test as with the Magellan and at the same street where it had me make a u turn, the Start had me drive into a housing complex and follow the perimeter road all around the complex before returning me to the street I needed to go back on to. Is this normal?
Also the unit shows while parked, that I am at an intersection near my actual location. It even indicated in the route to turn from that street. On my return it had my position now at the corner of another street and my actual location. Is this normal? I am new to GPS's and am quite concerned about what is normal or acceptable in the units. The Magellan always had me at the right spot and was always exactly where I was. I chose the Tom Tom because I became wary of the Roadmate unit and I like seeing the names of the streets as cross them, which I have been led to believe the Garmin units do not. I am running out of options. The tech said I may have to send the brand new unit in for replacement of the Tom Tom....
Am I having a run of bad luck or is this the state of current GPS technology and quality?


  • dhn 336 Points
    What you describe is not normal. Do you have a gps fix?

    Try resetting the unit by holding the power button about 15 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.
  • glennc 0 Points
    Hello and thanks for the response. I contacted Tom Tom again and this time they indicated that it was indeed normal in the 2D view mode. If you are going left to right and turn right, the screen will not rotate and you will be driving toward the bottom of the screen. In 3D mode the screen will rotate so you are always driving forward, or so they saidI am confused and after it told me a number of very bad directions and wrong info, I purchased a Magellan 2230T-LM. This is a new model that has no new updates and I will try them both out for another day or two and decide which to return. The 2230 is like the bad magellans I had before in operation, only it is not functioning poorly or incorrectly as of yet. Also has multi destination routing.
    This buying a GPS is an ordeal and is not over yet...... Oh and yes I did the reset and had the tech on the cellphone with me during a test drive after it being reportedly fixed by him and it still was displaying IMO incorrectly. He mentioned that it probably needed replacing. I just don't know.
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