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Motonav 765t touch screen trouble....

beartraxx33 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Hi guys, I am having trouble with my motonav. i did a restore recently and now i have no response from the touch screen or the top button... can someone help out.

:cry: :shock:


  • moondog151 41 Points
    To help in finding out what may your problem, could you give a little bit info? Why....did you have to do a restore? What kind of problem, did you have before you restored your device?
    Also, have you tried the reset button on the very bottom of the device yet? If not, use a needle (while the unit is "on") and depress the very small button for a total of 10-12 seconds, and let it reboot, and see what happens then....
  • To help in finding out what may your problem, could you give a little bit info? Why....did you have to do a restore? What kind of problem, did you have before you restored your device?
    Also, have you tried the reset button on the very bottom of the device yet? If not, use a needle (while the unit is "on") and depress the very small button for a total of 10-12 seconds, and let it reboot, and see what happens then....
    So i tried to use a new skin and cracked .exe to be able to update maps. I did a backup before doing whatsoever. the skin worked but i hated the look of it. the night version was awesome though. anyways. since doing a restore, the screen is unresponsive and sometimes i have to press hard and i ll get a small response. is the touch screen going bad? the reset button doese it mater if it is pressed 2 second ot 12 seconds?
  • blueTOOTH 0 Points
    I'm guessing that you did a restore with the motoextras SW. Connect via usb to make sure that you delete and replace all the components that are origional. The is matched with the scheme files and other files/folders that you have added. If you have left some of these in there...there are incorrect file addresses and this will slow down and or lock your processing. :wink:
  • Here the thing, there was no in the motonav backup. The GPS works but I hav no file. Is that what i am missing??? The only prob Is the touch screen unresponsive
  • blueTOOTH 0 Points
    The origional backup only contains a data.gro. The backup (restore) will only replace origional files. If you have added new ones.....they may not be removed with a restore. Connect via usb and make sure you only have the origional files that are contained in the backup.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    the reset button doese it mater if it is pressed 2 second ot 12 seconds?

    No, as long as the button is depressed, and the unit goes into the reboot mode, you can then release that button.
    The amount of time the reset button needs to be held down, depends on the severity of what is wrong with the unit.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    @beartraxx33.....explore your Motonav folder exactly as blueTOOTH has stated, and while you`re in that folder, look and see if you have a "save" folder located there. There shouldn`t be one, but when using some versions of the available skins, one may of been created there. If there is, a "save" folder, and you want your unit back to stock, delete that folder only, and then try your unit again.
  • OK so here's the deal.... i removed all of the contents of the motonav folder and restored. the screen still doese not respond unless by some freak luck on the right side of the screen it works and on the left it doesnt. and when the gps warms up boom the whole thing works. when i start the car again Same problem...

    so i am guessing it is not a software problem...
  • moondog151 41 Points
    How long have you had your unit? I have come across a very similar problem as you`re encountering, myself, in the past.
    I really hate to suggest this, and ONLY try it as a last resort, but I have had luck rectifying a "no response" screen, by replacing the screen itself from another unit. I honestly would only resort to doing this, as a last resort however. I used one (a screen) from a non-working unit that I had bought on ebay.
    Before I would attempt changing out the screen, I would try all suggestions from people here on this forum. Others have any ideas on what he may try next?
  • Thanks for the response. I do think that it Is a screen problem. I will look through ebay for a New digitizer. Do you know how to open the unit?. If you know a place where i can buy a used unit. Ebay right Now cost an arm for a used tn765....
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Yes, I sure do. (know how to open the unit and replace the screen).
    As far as finding a used, non-working unit, the only place I do know of, is on ebay....but it may be a tedious wait, as I haven`t seen too many of them, lately, anyways.
    I think I do know a place to get a new screen, I`ll do some checking around and will let you know probably tomorrow (Sunday)...
  • Thanks...
  • moondog151 41 Points
    You are welcome. If you`re comfortable in doing so, please give your email addres and I will send some information your way.
  • Why not pick up a brand new one from your local Sears store or They currently have them new for $79.88. I recently grabbed one and may grab another for a back up just in case of future issues..
  • moondog151 41 Points
    This is true....changing out the screen takes time/patience and the risk of damaging the unit may not be worth the expense, until he could find a unit that`s already "belly up" to experiment with.......
  • Thanks. But Sears canada sucks here in Ottawa. But i will check. As far as changing screens, i am not a noob. I have Fixed many nuvis and tomtoms. @moondog i will pm you my email.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    It`s good to know you have prior experiance in working with gps devices....I`ll send you detailed instructions, on how to open the Moto, replace the screen, ect.ect.......once I know where to send them to.....
  • Hey there Is no PM service in this forum
  • moondog151 41 Points

    If you wish, sign up to this forum also, actually, my instructions on replacing the screen, are posted there. To find the Motorola TNPND`s, they`ll be listed in the "accessory" section.
    Just do a search for my user`s name there, and you should be able to find it. If not, let me know here......
  • Hey there Is no PM service in this forum
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Since it was a couple of years ago, when I first joined, I did forget, that one needs a few posts before the PM will available for a new user.
    However, you definately can make a post, ask a queston, or just search thru the forum`s archives.
    Here is one of the links I had posted....on how to replace the battery in your unit. Follow the first 4-5 steps, and you`ll see the proper way of how to open your unit, and you`ll see where the screen ribbons, are connected to the circuit board. I`ll try and find the original post on changing the screen out, in the meantime.
    Here, check this link out.....
  • alanb 557 Points
    Actually, the PM function on the GPSReview forum was disabled about a year ago because of the spamming problems.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Thank you for the update on the PM issue.......
  • Tim 1500 Points
    And just for full disclosure-- there are a few moderators and other very long standing active posters who still have capabilities to PM, but probably less than 1% of the total membership here. But yes, it was mostly disabled due to spamming/content issues.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    well gollie! this is more traffic than i been seein' for years!

    Welcome Back Cotter!!

    by total coincidence, my wife has begun to complain about her batttery dying prematurely. now i see some talk about the darn battery!

    thanks Moonie and the rest (aw, you too Tim).

    i'm so thankful to have a color printer (laser too!) i can and did, print the destructions from Moonie. now all i have to do is order batteries (i might as well do my 765 as well!

    thanks everyone. glad there are still some sleepers out therer!

    My (thankful) Camel
  • moondog151 41 Points
    By gosh, there`s Camel!! If the url for the replacement battery wasn`t seen for any reason, just let me know and I`ll post it for you.
    The vendor I get mine from, ships fast, and includes a pry tool to open the unit up with.
    Also, that replacement battery is fully guaranteed for one year, from date of purchase...FYI.....
  • Welcome Back Kotter. That's a classic Camel:) I for one am glad there is new traffic on here regarding the Motonav. I am still hoping like many others that there will be new map upgrades available one day for these units..
  • mahammel 41 Points
    thanks guys!

    Moonie: i was able to print everythign in color so after i order the batteries, i'll be 'good to go" (after all, i am almost 70 and i NEED to be good to go!!

    thanks for your efforts!!

    i ahve confirmed the battery dies after a full charge---in about 3 minutes. DUH. i think i know the problem :roll:

    i can't see buying 2 new 765's if i can get 2 batteries for $50. i'll give it a go. I'm a HAM so i like to tinker----and as a result of being a HAM for over 40 years now, i can plainly state that i have screwed up more things than anyone else alive!@!!

    just ask Arac! he knows how much of a clutz i am!!

    My (dangerous) Camel
  • mahammel 41 Points
    Batteries ordered. should get by Friday. wife back from trip at same time. then it's time to screw things up!

    again, thanks for everyone's support here. i don't want to give my pnd up cause of the neigbhorhood!!

    My (with direction) Camel
  • moondog151 41 Points
    That`s great Camel, that now you`ll be able to keep the Moto`s going too. I`m also glad you have the 40 yrs. experiance of working with ham radio` I have over 20 myself, working on two ways back in "the day".
    Just a friendly tip to remember, when initially trying to part the case open, start on the bottom of the left hand bottom, of the screen, as you face it.
    Try to use a non-metallic tool (in addition to the small plastic pry bar tool you`ll recieve with your batteries..) to "work" the case slightly open, from the bottom of the unit, to the top of the unit, working back and forth, from the left hand side, to the right hand side, and do the actual final opening of the case, on the left hand side, and "flop" it over to the right hand side.
    Working like as decribed, will save you from having to disconnect the two small ribbon cables, that are attacthed to the screen itself.....
    Best of luck on your project, working slowly and patiently, you won`t have any problems, I sure of it....
  • Cleaned the connectors but no change.....this sucks. i will have to buy a new motonav.... sears canada cant carry them... i am screwed
  • moondog151 41 Points
    @beartraxx33 When you mentioned that you cleaned the connectors, I`m assuming you meant the connector at the end of each ribbon cable from the screen, to where it connects on the circuit board?
    Also, check this item number out on ebay, it`s for a brand new screen for the 765t. I`ve never dealt with this particular seller, but here`s the item number...... 270814917094
    It`s your decision if the screen is worth the expense, or if you just wish to buy another unit. This is the only place, I can find a replacement screen.
  • Yes it looks like a iPod connector. Today my motonav has no issues after i let it work for 1 hour. @moondog thanks for the tip. I contacted the ebay seller for more info. Lets hope that screen has a digitizer. Opening the motonav was a Real chore...but you put great instructions. :lol:
  • moondog151 41 Points
    You`re quite welcome. I was hoping those instructions would help others, and I guess that it has.
    That Moto screen almost has to have the digitizer, as I`ve tried to seperate just the digitizer from the screen myself, (on a screen that acted like yours did) and have found no way, to make the
  • I have seen this type of screen on a Android pad. The digitizer Is glued to the outer frame. It Is the black border with the logo. Same as an ipod.. :? Probably.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Hey Camel........ Are you still thinking about going up to Erie this month?
  • Hey Spyder

    Are you in Erie? Holy cow small world that's where I live! Lol Camel are you near Erie too?

    FYI to Beartraxx33.. If you decide on ordering a new unit you don't have to go to your local Sears.. Just order online at
  • Iknow but it is local pick up only and i looked everywhere.... anyways Moon gave me a ebay address to get a new screen but i think it is the lcd only. i need the digitizer....i ll wait for the sellers reply. thanks

    Ps the online delivery one(online store) is 300$ or am i not looking in the right area cause the local pickup is 78$
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Hey Spyder

    Are you in Erie? Holy cow small world that's where I live! Lol Camel are you near Erie too?

    @ Vintageguy65 - No - near Harrisburg. Mahammel the Camel is down in Georgia. I have relatives in Erie, Corry, Warren, and I grew up in Kane.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    Hi there Arac. join in the fun.

    there's a chance. our new CEO is talking about going for us but each time he also says maybe. can't trust a NUG (read: New GUy). Ifn' he don' go, den maybe i be havin' ta go. ya know. then in August there's an archery shoot in 7 Springs.

    who knows?? but i'll keep you informed! Thanks for remembering!

    My (archery) Camel
  • @moondog, the ebay seller says the item Is the lcd only. To get one with touch-screen Is 55$ Free ship . So i have one new motonav coming from ebay and i will order New screen with digitiser to fix this one.... :shock:
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Sounds like a good plan.....thanks for the update. It`s always wise to have a spare of something one likes!
  • mahammel 41 Points
    you opened yourself up on that one.

    Wives? (read: more than one?)

    My (monogomistic) Camel
  • moondog151 41 Points
    That is quite true, Camel. Am glad the "better half" doesn`t read these posts, hahahhaaaha.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    eh yup. ditto here

    My (PW) Camel
  • mahammel 41 Points
    Okay everyone get ready for this:

    i received my batteries today (wow fast service or what!) from as the luna de perro said they would be. highly recommend them for $25/battery (i have 2 765's).

    i decided to trial the replacement destructions from moonie. they worked like a charm. i found using the suppled tool was actually easier to use to pry loose the frame. at least it was for me.

    where i screwed up was when it slipped from my hands (i'm an old phart) and the large connector came loose. i WAS able to get it back in and other than that, moonies destructions were perfect. no complaints or issues that he did not already notate for us.

    now i know what do do for my wife's 765. hopefully i won't let this one slip. best to work on a table mat or some rubber (non conducting) substrate. it's summer so static charges are less likely to happen but they still can-and will if you're not careful. don't rub your feet in the carpet!!

    thanks Perro de LUna!!

    My (SUCCESS) Camel
  • moondog151 41 Points
    That`s great Camel !! Very glad your "operation" on your unit was successful.
    They (the vendor you got your new batteries from) didn`t originally have a replacement battery for the TN765 or the TN565 models, but after contacting them, and sending them the specifications (plus, an actual picture) of what we will be needing in the future (this was early last year) for our units, they kindly accepted my inquiry to stock them
    The vendor followed up with me, (after I made the initial order of what they said, should work...) and I told them it worked just perfectly.
    A few days later, that`s when they put the new adds up on thier site...
    Too bad they didn`t give me a discount on my first order.....but I`m perfectly fine with that anyways, lol.
  • mahammel 41 Points
    took me less than 5 minutes to change out the battery in my wife's 765.

    only problem!!! i broke (and i have NO idea how)_, the vol lower and mute buttons. so now i have only the vol up that works. i have to mute the entire thing in settings. CRAP! found one little plastic tab on my desk. must assume (yes i know) i pressed the thing together incorrectly. CARP!


    anyone have a suggestion on how i can move her settings and location memory over to my 765 and vice versa? move my info and settings to hers? i don't use volume anyway!

    i don't think you can save one and load to another because it's all recorded by serial number.

    your help wuld be appreciated before she castrates me! i'm so urinated in could pee.

    i also checked Sears and there are none left.

    My (upset-screw up) Camel
  • mahammel 41 Points
    well the good news!!!! i had forgotten that i could swap sides. the left side works fine so she can use it instead.

    My (whew) Camel
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Sorry about the mishap on your volume buttons there Camel. But if it comes down to it, and you do want to attempt replacing the back casing, PM me on the other forum and I can send one out to you.
    However, replacing that back case, is a longer, more tedious job for sure. You have to completely "gut" the whole insides to do this.....including removing the main circuit board, disconnecting the two speakers under the board (one speaker is for the audo out, the other is the audio in (microphone), plus disconnecting the quite small ribbon cables from each side of where the buttons are located, and so
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