My new 2555LMT is really a 2555LM??
  • S84kam
    Posts: 5
    Hey guys just got the 2555lmt as an early fathers day gift. I noticed on the back of the unit it says 2555LM, but I have the traffic adapter and features.

    Are all nuvi's with LMT like this?
  • alanb
    Posts: 2,233
    Yes, it is not uncommon for Garmin to leave off some of the feature letters in different references to a model. The basic unit hardware the same.
  • Boyd
    Posts: 11,608
    There is no difference whatsoever in the GPS itself. The only difference is that the "t model" also includes the traffic receiver, which could also be purchased as a separate product. The Nuvi has always been like this - the model name on the device itself never has a "t".
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