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replace the batterie

zakari 0 Points
The replacement operation of the battery is very simple if you follow the coming steps.
Step 1: You must remove the vertical rubber which covers the four black corners with a pin.
2nd step: To simplify the work you have to unscrew the two Phillips screws in the base.
Step 3: To remove the back you have to insert a screwdriver or a knife under the back. During the manipulation you will have the "jumper" the on / off switch that will fall, keep it. So once removed, you can attach it.
Step 4: You must remove the battery connector from its socket, to gain access you must remove the small black paper that cover it.
Step 5: You must remove the battery, it is held in place by double paste. If you raise it by the front, you can take it off fully.
Step 6: You connect the new battery with the connector and you put the little black sticky tape.
7th step: You made now join the new battery by using the double sided tape put on the circuit.
Step 8: You put the back, but first you must remit the "jumper" switch on / off, you can then close the four Phillips screws. You put the sole and close the two Phillips screws. Insert vertically the four small rubber rings. You must fully charge the battery (green light).
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  • patruns 10 Points
    What unit are you talking about?
  • Arrius 0 Points
    Is this some sort of guideline? If so, it'd be better if you mentioned for which product.
  • nevw 88 Points
    That post is 5 years old.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    The link implies he is talking about a Mio GPS. I used to have one of those, it was actually very cool with lots of features Garmin didn't offer - like a track manager where you could display mutiple tracks in your choice of colors. Only problem was that it was based on the Windows CE operating system and wasn't terribly stable, it crashed often.

    Anyway, Mio left the US market long ago but contiinued selling in the EU. Not sure what became of them.
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